Nightline Playlist: The Fray

'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

In September 1991, Nirvana released the single "Smells Like Teen Spirit," changing the lives of a younger generation of musicians, including 12-year-old King.

"I think the first band that made me want to play music, and made me pretty much idolize bands, or want to start a band of my own was Nirvana, specifically the song 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,'" King said.

King said that the song was very influential at that time of his life.

"I remember actually, I was so excited about the song," he said, "my brother and I, we live in Denver, Colo., and my brother and I decided to — for some reason — take off our clothes and run out in the backyard, and it was like … six inches of snow, and blast the song out of my living room and just like roll around in the snow and kind of go crazy."


Growing up in a conservative Christian family, Wysocki was not exposed to mainstream music until a chance encounter with the Beastie Boys on a relative's car radio in 1994.

"We were going to a graduation or some family event and I rode with my cool cousin instead of riding with grandma, and he had the Beastie Boys tape in his jeep. We were listening to 'Sabotage' and it was my first experience of, I kind of felt guilty, like I shouldn't be listening to it because it sounded so, something is wrong," he said. "Maybe it was just my upbringing, and I just assumed something must be wrong with whatever is happening here in this music, because he didn't say God. He didn't say pray."

'Kid A'

And in October 2000, Radiohead's release of "Kid A" challenged Welsh's assumptions about music.

"I think Radiohead's 'Kid A' was for me the point. … It was literally the first track, 'Everything in Its Right Place,' because my first experience with the album was playing track one and listening in my headphones and just being like, 'What is going on in this album?'"

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