Aaron Sorkin: Motivation to Tackle Facebook


"Two things: One, that's how closely we stuck to the truth," Sorkin said. "Two, the fact that we know what brand of beer [Zuckerberg] was drinking on a Tuesday night seven years ago should tell you something about how close our research sources were to the subject and the event."

Reactions to "The Social Network"

Many critics have said the film paints Zuckerberg in an unsparingly negative light. Sorkin disagrees.

"Although I've never met him or spoken to him, I have a lot of affection and a lot of empathy for Mark and I think that the movie was written that way," Sorkin said. "I think that Mark spends the first hour and 55 minutes of the movie being an anti-hero, but the last five minutes being a tragic hero."

He added, "I read a review from a blogger the other day, who gave the movie a very positive review and ended by saying that the movie made her want to egg Mark's house and then help him clean it up. I think a lot of people are going to have that reaction."

Despite trying to set up several meetings with the Facebook CEO to go over the script, Sorkin said Zuckerberg turned him down every time.

Sorkin eventually sent the final script over to Facebook's senior advisors for review, who returned it with only minor notes -- none of which were concerned with how the characters were portrayed.

"Those notes were almost entirely about hacking," he said. "There was some hacking terminology in the beginning that I'd gotten wrong and they were mostly technology notes."

In a statement to "Nightline," Facebook said of "Social Network" producer Scott Rudin and Sorkin's script, "We found interacting with Scott Rudin and his colleagues to be a terrific learning experience. They do a wonderful job of telling a good story. Of course, the reality probably wouldn't make for a very fun or interesting movie. As Aaron Sorkin himself has acknowledged. 'I donĀ¹t want my fidelity to be to the truth; I want it to be to storytelling.'"

When asked if he hoped Zuckerberg will go see the film, Sorkin replied, "I don't want people to get distracted by the sideshow of the movie verses Facebook."

"I also know that I wouldn't, and I don't think anybody else would, want things they did when they were 19 years old turned into a major motion picture," he added.

'West Wing' Creator Discusses President Obama, Sarah Palin

Despite the buzz surrounding "The Social Network," Sorkin is still best known for his Emmy-winning series "The West Wing," which chronicled a virtuous president and his idealistic staff.

Although he doesn't consider himself a political commentator, Sorkin has strong views about the country's current situation.

"It's like it's the hotel housekeeping crew that's got to come in and clean up the suite after Led Zeppelin has been there," referring to the challenges President Obama is facing.

And what if he were writing the teleplay for the Obama presidency?

"I would do what he was so great at in the campaign which was making our heart race, lifting us up, uniting us," he said. "But again I have a lot of things at my disposal that the president of the United States does not have, including the ability to make people react the way that I want them to, to say nothing of a 32-piece orchestra with music swelling underneath."

When asked what he makes of the current Republican party, Sorkin did not hold back his opinions.

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