Dating Advice 101: Seminar Mixes Games, Tried and True Techniques

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The scene at the Jet nightclub at the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas is just what one might expect. A pumping beat pulsing to the latest pop songs, disco lights that rival Cirque Du Soleil, bottle service, scantily clad go-go dancers, and of course women -- lots and lots of women.

But for the men attending the Love Systems Super Conference, this night at the club is not just for fun -- it's practice.

The Los Angeles-based company, Love Systems Corp., hosts a three-day conference annually as a self-help school for guys who have been unlucky in love. The conference is offered as a dating boot camp for the young men who want to learn the art of seduction.


"What's your pleasure? Who am I aiming you at?" asked one of Love Systems most prized trainers, "Future" Thompson, to one of the conference's male attendees.

"Blond girls. Red heads too," replied Kevin Frazier.

Frazier, a 35-year-old pro skier out of Tahoe, Calif., is one of about a hundred guys who paid upwards of $3,000 to learn one thing: How to pick-up women.

"I realized, yeah, I'm doing okay, but I'm not doing as good as I want to do," Frazier said in talking about his past relationships with women. "I need to find someone that can take a look at me and figure out how to make me better."

College Hook-Ups: The New Lexicon

UCLA senior Michael Pitluk doesn't mince words about what he wants out of the dating boot camp.

"I'm basically trying to hook up with chicks," the 23-year-old said. "That's what I'm doing, that's why I'm here."

Pitluk also added that he hoped that learning how to form quick sexual relationships from advice given at the conference will eventually allow him to find deeper, more meaningful romance.

Love System's founder and president, Nick Savoy, said the conference is about teaching men to get over their fear of talking to women and to be comfortable in their presence.

"It's about a thousand little things," he said. "Learning to be playful, learning to be fun, learning to break the ice with women. Confident body language. Learning how to communicate on an emotional level. A lot of guys haven't learned that."

Savoy said he developed Love Systems after he came to a point in his own romantic life when he realized he needed to change how he was handling his relationships. Now, not only does he have a successful business, he also has found love.

Love Systems Offers Courses for Men on How to Pick Up Women

"I'm in relationship now with a woman who I love very much, and never would have been able to meet before Love Systems," Savoy said.

He added that he, like many men, used to struggle with those first few seconds of meeting a woman.

"I just wouldn't have had the skills to break through the ice," Savoy continued. "I wouldn't have known how to approach her, I wouldn't have known how to get her initial interest."

Aside from his business, Savoy has also penned books about the art of romance. One of them called "Magic Bullets" offers 199 pages of dating and relationship advice.

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