Former James Ray Employee: Paramedics Mistook Sweat Lodge for 'Mass Suicide'

"According to the signed statement of one participant, 'my impression was that James Ray was stunned about what was happening and was attempting to help as many people as he could. I do not feel there was any more James Ray could have done.' The signed statement of a second participant said that 'I realize that what has happened is a horrible tragedy, but I do not feel that James Ray is responsible for what has occurred.' Finally, the signed statement of a JRI employee indicates that 'the press reports stating that James abandoned the participants that night are completely false.'"

In his most recent public comments on the incident, Ray posted a statement on his Web site Nov. 30, 2009: "As you know, I've asked members of my team to travel to Arizona, meet with authorities there and provide all the information they have to offer. That process has gone on for the last two weeks, and we believe it's been helpful. Of course, if additional information is required, my team is ready to provide it in our continuing hope that the causes of the Sedona accident can be determined as quickly and authoritatively as possible."

However, Ray did not give a statement to police at the scene and then simply left town.

Several weeks after the deadly event Martin said she stopped receiving pay checks from the company.

"I'm really sad by this whole thing. I'm sad for [James Ray]. I'm sad for all the people," she said. "I'm also disappointed, you know, that he left. He didn't – he didn't – I was one of his employees, and he knew that I was down there in the trenches, helping people...He's chosen to just shut the iron gate on me, and he hasn't spoken to me at all. I'm kind of sad by that. I mean, it makes me very sad."

Ray hasn't spoken publicly since he abruptly cancelled a speaking event in Toronto in October. The police are still actively investigating the sweat lodge deaths as homicides.

Previous James Ray Event Turned Deadly

But even before the deadly Arizona incident, during another event Ray held, a participant, Colleen Conaway, jumped to her death from the third floor of a mall in San Diego.

Conaway, a technician at a dental plant in a tiny town in northern Minnesota, first discovered James Ray about six months before her death, according to her sister Lynn Graham.

In her first television interview, Graham told "Nightline" that Conaway came to believe that Ray could help her start her own weight-loss business. She was attracted by his promise to help followers build "harmonic wealth" in all areas of their lives.

In July, Conaway, who had never traveled much beyond her home, flew to San Diego for an exclusive, expensive Ray retreat, despite mild concern from her tight-knit family.

"We kind of talked about it, and we were like, well, it's a self-help seminar, what could possibly happen to her?" Graham said.

On her first day in San Diego, Conaway called home. Graham said her sister "was absolutely in heaven."

"She thought it was just the best trip ever. That was the last time any of us spoke to her," Graham said.

As soon as the event started, another participant, Andy Grant said Ray and his staff encouraged people to "play full on" -- to achieve a spiritual breakthrough.

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