Plastic Surgery: Are Toes The New Nose?


He then liposuctioned fat from her belly and injected it into the spot. Afterward, Kelly experienced some normal swelling -- jokingly referred to as "toebesity." The swelling was expected to go away and leave her with a small pocket of fat to pad her weary feet.

After the procedure, Kelly told ABC News that the podiatric makeover was a "piece of cake. I can feel the pillows in my feet. It's like puffy pillows."

Audy, meanwhile, completed her surgery and ended up with a second toe that is finally shorter than its larger neighbor.

Sadrieh will likely remain busy since nosebleed-inducing heels appear to be the height of fashion. This year's runway darling was a shoe with a 12-inch heel, nicknamed the "skyscraper sandal," from Romanian designer Mihai Albu.

Fashionable or not, the human foot is clearly something near and dear to Sadrieh's heart and he says he is a man who loves his work.

"I don't have a foot fetish, but it's what I do," laughed Sadrieh. "I'm always looking at feet -- it's like a software programmer, always checking out the code. Or an auto body guy saying, 'Did you (see) that car?' I can't help it. It's what I do. I look at feet. And I think we can't discount the fact that there is a sexuality to the foot."

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