Lesbian Mom Pleads for Daughter's Return

"That is just barbaric to me," said Jenkins. "There are so many different diverse families. Grandparents raise their children. Single moms raise their children. Two men raise their children. Uncles raise their children. Two moms raise their children all the time. The stigma is just hatred and bigotry being taught. It's just very backward. To me and to two loving parents that go to all these measures to have this child, you don't just drop one and walk away."

She continued, "It's just like when we were having our child, I didn't ever imagine that we were not going to be a family, but when we did decide to divorce, I never divorced my daughter. And that was never into the equation, ever."

Neighbors of Miller's last known residence, in Forest, Va., told sheriff's deputies the mother and daughter left last September and haven't been seen since.

"Honestly, I think the church is involved in hiding her," said Jenkins.

Miller's legal team, Liberty Counsel, deny knowing Miller and Isabella's whereabouts and refused a request for an interview.

Jenkins said she's concerned about Miller's mental state.

"I think she's dangerous, and I think she's very vulnerable and I think she's capable of anything," said Jenkins. "I think she's very desperate. I think the people and the places that she is exposing herself to and my child to -- our child to -- it's just frightening for me to even think about."

Jenkins said she also fears for the child.

"I can't even imagine what life is like for her right now," Jenkins said. "Not knowing where she is, not knowing if she's got any -- I know how important structure is for children. I work with children and I know how important the structure is. Well, honestly I don't know what her life is like right now. ...I know the last few times I had her, it sounded like her world was getting smaller and smaller and smaller. ... Church and Lisa."

Jenkins was back in court last week, asking the judge to find Miller in contempt for refusing to hand Isabella over to Jenkins.

Miller wasn't there, but her attorneys were present by telephone. The judge give Miller until Feb. 23 to produce Isabella or face arrest.

"Today we're very pleased with the results of the hearing," Jenkins' attorney, Sarah Star, said outside the courthouse. "The judge sanctioned Ms. Miller and made specific findings that she had intentionally and knowingly, willfully disobeyed the court's order, which was a legally binding and valid order."

Jenkins said she didn't wish to see Miller under arrest.

"I don't want to see that, and I really don't want my daughter to see that," Jenkins said. "But there are consequences for actions and these are really severe actions. So I don't know what's going to happen to her, but I do know the danger my daughter's in, she wouldn't be in unless Lisa Miller brought her into this situation."

It's now been a year since Jenkins has seen Isabella. "Nightline" visited the Vermont home Miller and Jenkins shared, where Isabella's room sits ready for her return. It's stocked with photographs and with toys and gifts from Jenkins and her parents.

We asked Jenkins if she thought Isabella would be back in the room.

"Oh, I do. I do," Jenkins said. "I will never give up hope. I do think someone out there is going to tell, for Isabella's sake, so that she can have a normal life."

For more information about the search for the child, contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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