Robert Pattinson: 'Twilight's' Rising Star

Clearly, there's no need. Pattinson's career is white-hot -- his interest helped to get the romance "Remember Me" made. He's currently shooting "Water for Elephants" with Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz from "Inglourious Basterds."

Robert Pattinson 'Started Panicking' Before 'Twilight' Audition

With a resume such as his, it's hard to believe that just a few years ago, the actor was terror-stricken in the hours leading up to his "Twilight" audition.

"I knew it was going be a long audition because I was doing a screen test for it, and it was at the director's house," he recalled. "And 20 minutes before I had to leave, I just suddenly started panicking."

Desperate, he swiped a few Valium from the friend with whom he'd been staying, and it did the trick.

"Um, probably one of the best decisions I've ever made," he joked. "I remember thinking that even when I was in the cab on the way over there, I was thinking, 'I want to get a prescription for these.'"

From nervous wreck to Hollywood's next It Guy, Pattinson said his new status might be a bit overrated.

"I don't like people doing things for me, really, and that's the only thing that really changes," he said. "You get a lot of people offering to do things."

Pattinson added that his celebrity status makes it difficult to blend in with the crowd.

"I used to spend a lot of time walking in cities by myself, and I can't really do that without being, um, a little paranoid," he said, though he added that he is starting to get used to it.

"You get better at hiding and you get better at choosing which areas are the right areas to go to," he said. "And you also get better at interacting with strangers."

However, his fame hasn't gone to his head -- every time he gets a script, old insecurities come bubbling to the surface. Pattinson said the first thing he does when he's handed a script is read the first and last lines.

"For some reason that's become my little habit with 'Twilight' films," he said. "Generally, after that point, [I] start worrying about -- thinking that, 'oh God, I'm not a real actor. I can't -- I don't know how to do it,' and freak out until we start shooting."

The actor talked about his fame and the pressure that came with it.

"When something becomes big, you just think expectations are higher," he said. "It's a weird sort of dichotomy: it's become big because people obviously like something that you're doing, and as it becomes bigger, you get more fearful of what you're actually doing."

Robert Pattinson: 'Twilight' Series 'Bigger Than We Ever Thought It Would Be'

Currently, his style involves a lot of note-taking. He will often be seen scribbling in the margins of his scripts. When asked what types of notes he's writing to himself, Pattinson replied, "Act better."

Although he may lack confidence in his own ability, audiences don't seem to have a problem with his performance. "Eclipse" is expected to match the success of its predecessors, and moviegoers are poised to make the film one of the year's top-grossing flicks.

"It's nice now -- now that it's become something much bigger than we ever thought it would be -- that everyone sort of sticks together and supports each other," he said.

Pattinson said he appreciated the relationship he shares with his castmates, "especially because everyone's so young still and no one's really going around stabbing each other in the back yet."

But, he added, with a laugh, "There are still two more movies."

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