Vote for Labor Day 'Nightline'

We're nearing the end of our second annual experiment in democratic programming. Hundreds of Nightline viewers have written in, suggesting their favorite show for our Labor Day special. We've narrowed the nominees down to a selection of six — and now it's time to vote again.

Please select one of the following programs as your choice for our Labor Day broadcast.

Bruce Springsteen: Nearly a year after Sept. 11, 2001, Ted Koppel joins "The Boss" on his ranch to talk about life, loss, and rock 'n' roll. And as a bonus, he gets an impromptu accoustic performance of "Empty Sky" from the Grammy-winning album The Rising.

Eva Cassidy: Eva Cassidy was relatively unknown to the world in life, but found fame after death. It was only after she died of cancer in 1996, at age 33, that her music was discovered by a BBC disc jockey, and her ascent to fame began. Nightline tells her story through the friends and family who knew her best.

The First Nightline Broadcast: Different set. Different format. Same hair. Originally meant as a daily update on the Iranian hostage crisis, America Held Hostage morphed into Nightline after the hostages were released. See how it all began.

Kermit the Frog, the Muppets and Ted: Koppel's exclusive interview with the most famous frog in America — and some of his friends — is in New York's financial district. The subject of discussion: the difference between a bear and a bull.

Tuesdays With Morrie: Morrie Schwartz, a dying sociology professor whose life lessons were recorded in the best-selling book by Mitch Albom, talks with Koppel in a series of conversations that are both poignant and funny.

Mr. Rogers: Popular children's show host Fred Rogers was loved as much by nostalgic adults as by the kids still watching him today. Nightline pays tribute to the man who was everyone's favorite neighbor.

After all the votes are tallied, we'll post the winner on our Web site — so keep checking back. The winning broadcast will air on Labor Day, Sept. 1.

Thanks very much to all our viewers who sent in their votes over recent weeks.