The Women Behind Star Athletes Often Steal the Show

First, there's the smutty angle that the British tabloids love. Is sex before sport a good or a bad thing? Muhammad Ali would abstain for six months before a bout. Other athletes claim pregame sex calms them. There's no scientific proof to support either opinion, according to Costas Karageorghis, a former sprinter turned top-notch sports psychologist. But, I asked him, What happens if a player feels upstaged by his wife? "If the spotlight turns on a player's wife they can feel that they are not the important one," he replied. "In those instances, there can be a negative impact on performance."

The new England soccer manager agrees. After England's limp showing in the World Cup, he's laid down the law: No more WAGs.

For different reasons, Rachel Johnson agrees. "Do women in sport take a huge crowd of men in matching costumes when they go and compete?" she says. "I don't think they do."

But for many viewers, rightly or wrongly, WAGs will always be more interesting than BAGs -- Boring, Abstemious Golfers.

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