Interview With Chief Justice Roberts

The one thing I would say, when you look, certainly, at the Supreme Court and other benches around the country, judges come to the court from a wide variety of backgrounds. It's one of the real pluses of the Supreme Court.

We have people who spent a lot of time practicing law before they got the court, people who had an academic career teaching law, people who had a career in state government, people who ran an agency, like Justice Thomas, people who had more of a career in business had been on the court, like Justice Powell, and those different backgrounds, it's enormously helpful when we get to the point of having to make a decision.

CRAWFORD GREENBURG: Alright I've got another question from Stephanie Kaplan who's a first year law student from Miami and she say's 'with only one female on the bench now, Justice Ginsburg, what do you say to women who fear their rights could be diminished by a male?'

CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: Well, you remember we had the debate, maybe people don't, about nuclear proliferation with the Soviet Union and there was always a debate about how many missiles the United States had and how many missiles the Soviet Union had, and there was a concept of throw weight, which is it's not the numbers, it's the force that's involved, and Justice Ginsburg certainly carries a lot of throw weight on the court.

I think diversity on the court is an important feature. As I was just saying, I think we have a very diverse bench in terms of the backgrounds of the people. I'm sure in the future there will be more women on the bench than just one.

CRAWFORD GREENBURG: Well, I think we probably have time for one more question, so I'm going to follow up on something that Dean was talking about earlier. Were you really a great football player?

CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: I was very small, I was very slow. But there were exactly 25 males in my high school senior class. So if there had been 26, I probably wouldn't have made the football team. But with 25, I was able to make it.

CRAWFORD GREENBURG: Thank you so much. And thank you all for coming.


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