Scientology Leader Gave ABC First-Ever Interview


Koppel: To a doctor.

Miscavige: To a doctor, excuse me. In fact, she's been to a doctor 220 times while she was in Scientology. In fact, when we sent her out of the church we asked her to please go to a medical doctor and see if something was wrong.

Koppel: The charge, as I recall it, Mr. Miscavige, is that with many of these people, not just with--

Miscavige: No, no, let me finish this one. Let me finish this one because it's important.

Koppel: …not just with Ms. Friend -- I'll let you get back to it in just a second -- the charge is that you inevitably -- I don't mean you personally, I mean the church -- send people who complain of some illness to a doctor, but a doctor who is also a Scientologist.

Miscavige: I don't know where you got it. It's invented. I never heard it in my life.

Koppel: So it's-- So if someone-- Well--

Miscavige: First time I heard it.

Koppel: It's not the first time, because you've read the L.A. Times series, and it was in the L.A. Times series.

Miscavige: Oh, if it was in the L.A. Times series, I didn't read that. Believe me, I don't read a report on Scientology from the L.A. Times to find out what it is, so I did not read that in detail.

Koppel: No, but you've got to understand what your critics are saying--

Miscavige: This is not so.

Koppel: …about you, right?

Miscavige: It's just not so. Not so at all. Just absolutely not so.

Koppel: Any Scientologist who wants to go to an outside doctor, no problem?

Miscavige: Anybody he wants. It's just an outrageous charge. I have no idea where it came from.

Koppel: Okay. The-- What do you call the folks who are up at the higher level of your church, the ones in the uniforms? What is that--

Miscavige: Staff members, Sea-Org members of the church.

Koppel: Sea-Org? What does that stand for?

Miscavige: Sea Organization. Originally--

Koppel: S-E-A.

Miscavige: Yes, from the sea.

Koppel: Sea.

Miscavige: Yeah. Sure. Absolutely. From the ocean.

Koppel: What does that mean?

Miscavige: Well, originally this group of people were based on ships at sea, and that's where the term Sea Organization came from.

Koppel: That was at a time when all kinds of folks were going after L. Ron Hubbard and he moved his operation out to sea?

Miscavige: Not because all kinds of folks were going after L. Ron Hubbard.

Koppel: Well, I mean, the IRS was going after him, weren't they, at that time?

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