'Breach': Secrets and Double Lives


Hitting Close to Home

PT: Just having watched it, you seem to be a little bit on edge.

EO: Right. I'm leaning forward. That scene brings me back to [the] moment. I mean, watching Ryan going through the same thing I went through, I mean, he does it so well. Every time I watch that scene, I'm brought back to that tense feeling of "oh my God, I've screwed everything up" that I felt with that palm pilot in my hand.

PT: So, did this happen?

EO: This did not happen. Hanssen never pulled a gun out and shot at me.

PT: But why do you think it was a good thing to do in the movie, though?

EO: Well, I think just as a dramatic scene and to put the actors in this intense crazy situation just makes for great drama. It also really portrays in a very in-your-face, easy for the audience to understand way, the terrible tension between Hanssen and myself and what was going on with me. I mean, obviously, that clip is right out here and these things were internalized for me but it's a great way to just show where I was in my head at least when this guy was putting such enormous pressure on me. I would have loved to have a moment in that case where I could have screamed at him and loaded at him as Ryan is right there. It's almost satisfying to watch, watch Ryan there just yelling at Chris Cooper playing Hanssen.

PT: What do you think would have happened if you had yelled at him?

EO: I think he would not have missed with that last shot. Of course, here he's out of bullets and in the context of this it makes sense and there's just a great line here where I tell Hanssen "you know, you don't matter. You're just not important. Yeah, you've got this great ego and we've been playing to this all along but in this moment right now, in this time in our sense of where we've come together, you just don't matter. You're not that important." And, that drives him, that drives him, I think, to make that last drop.

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