Rich Russians Make London Their Playground

"My daughter is speaking better English than she speaks Russian," said Natasha Chouvaeva. publisher of the Russian Courier newspaper. "My husband pursues all of the activities that a normal Englishman would do, like hunting and shooting."

In fact many Russians have enjoyed traditional English trademarks like Wimbledon and the ascot. During the years of communism many dreamt of English opulence. They spent cold nights reading English literature and watching television that painted pictures of a better life -- an English life.

Many Russians also have great respect for Margaret Thatcher. She embraced Gorbachev, famously proclaiming him as a man she could do business with. The Russians still love her for it.

Ronald Reagan and "Magnum PI" didn't exactly tickle the Russians' fancy as England did.

"Are you joking?" said Muchinskaya. "It was the Cold War. America was the biggest enemy."

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