Enraged Parents Mobilize Over Pedophile's Web Site

Jack McClellan is an admitted pedophile who has been hiding in broad daylight.

"I find them physically more attractive than adult women," he told "Nightline." "The other thing would be the whole gamut of personality traits that is quite a difference from adults. The more lightheartedness, irreverence, playfulness, anarchy."

McClellan has broadcast his feelings on the Internet, where he has discussed locations to see children in public situations and has even posted photos of girls he liked. But despite his offensive words and actions, McClellan, apparently, has broken no law. He has, however, outraged two communities.

The 45-year-old man's trip from pedophile Web presence to the subject of newspaper articles and television appearances sheds light on the dark, seedy underbelly of the Internet. McClellan has been operating in that world nearly invisibly for at least six years.

A Guide for Pedophiles

In 2001, McClellan said he started "chronicling" the "street prostitution scene" in Seattle -- a scene he claims he patronized as a customer.

But four years later there was a shift, a manifesto of sorts. In July 2005 he wrote that he had "developed an attraction to prepubescent girls. … I'm determined not to cross the line to sexual touching."

Eventually, McClellan launched what he called the Seattle-Tacoma-Everett Girl Love Web site. There, along with animated images of hearts, he would post the pictures he took of young girls at parks or festivals. Then he would rate how good these locations were for spotting so-called LGs -- little girls.

"I've never done anything illegal with girls," he told "Nightline."

McClellan said the site was aimed to serve other pedophiles. For two years, it was up and running, until this past March when a local Washington paper broke the story, forcing McClellan out of the shadows.

"We just love being around children. It's almost like a high, a legal high," McClellan said. "And it just makes us happier than anything in the world really." McClellan told Fox News in an interview last March.

'It's Not OK'

The attention brought more traffic to McClellan's Web site but not just from pedophiles -- shocked and angry parents began logging on as well.

"[I] saw the site, then the fear started welling up inside of me," said one Seattle mother, who saw a picture and details about her daughter.

"I'm mad," said another mother. "I'm mad that somebody can invade our lives like that way, in the way. And that it's OK. It's not OK."

Mothers were incensed. An anti-pedophile Web site -- www.JackMcClellan.com -- was created, and lawmakers got involved.

However, it soon became clear that because McClellan is not a registered sex offender, has no sex crimes record and hasn't commited a crime, McLellan's Web site is actually protected by the First Amendment.

From Seattle to California

With his site shut down temporarily and facing what he called "media hysteria" (plus trouble in his parent's home, where he was living), McClellan fled Washington state in mid-May.

According to a blog he wrote at the end of May, he stopped in Oregon, but there weren't enough little girls there. He headed south, where he renamed his site Los Angeles Girl Love.

Los Angeles parents quickly learned about Jack McClellan. Taking a cue from the mothers in Seattle, Rachel Korbin and other moms used a social Web site to spread the news that a pedophile was in their midst.

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