Ariel Castro Gets Life 1,000 Years in Prison, Confronted by Victim

Michelle Knight spoke directly to her tormentor about her 11 years of living hell.
3:00 | 08/01/13

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Transcript for Ariel Castro Gets Life 1,000 Years in Prison, Confronted by Victim
The horrors they endured are unimaginable and only -- can really ever know what went on in that house. But for the three women held captive by aerial Castro. Today it was a day of catharsis and relief now it is his turn to be a prisoner. But before you shut away -- -- his victims got a chance to say their piece here's ABC's Alex Perez. He is perhaps one of the most evil men in America. But before aerial Castro was sent away to serve his life plus a thousand year prison sentence. One of his victims had a chance to confront her -- her in a packed Cleveland courtroom. I don't I don't -- at -- We'll do everything comforted. And yeah. Yeah. And he. Earned and that's who I am. Michelle Knight spoke directly to her captor a partner in eleven years of living hell. As she spoke aerial Castro's eyes never left her but this is the moment he registered he -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you on my way. Yeah. Knight said she's no longer afraid of aerial Castro. And you think about it and he didn't track the movement if you want us. Yeah. I think we'll -- -- Sunday. Coming home where. That doesn't mean anything besides -- here. You know yeah -- been -- I think -- you have never. Here again. This could be the last time will ever hear from Castro who pled guilty to 937. Comments. To avoid the death penalty for kidnapping rape and assault. Michelle night -- was 21 years old when Castro lured her in with promises of a puppy for her son. Amanda -- sixteen when she was abducted today she's 27. -- to his -- just fourteen when the ordeal began now 23. The horror surrounding this case reaching yet a new level today as he appeared to defend his actions. -- -- The horror began in this Cleveland neighborhood more than eleven years ago. Aerial Castro lured the three young women into his car kidnapping them while -- and brutally abusing them for years. Their parents held vigils police searched but the girls were never found. Until this -- when a good samaritan heard Amanda screaming for help. This was amend the -- -- frightening sound of freedom. Yeah. You need police fire ambulance I need help hey you know what's going on there I think. And I didn't completely yeah. -- -- Castro spoke to his captives. And the sex according to Castro was not -- The claim that was dismissed by the judge. Castro told the court he too was a victim of sexual abuse. It's. Also revealed today photos of Castro's house of horrors. Showing his elaborate scheme to keep the girls hidden. Pounds of heavy chains. Plastic toilets that were rarely emptied and -- hole in the center of the room where the women were often restraint. Castro continue to harp on the good time he and the girls were having. At his home. -- Ten years. His victims have stayed mostly out of sight since their escape. Today family members spoke on their behalf. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We will continue into the live Emma. She live now they don't thank that's -- Her insurmountable we will prevail. He only stories we're discussing. And then. She spoke directly to Castro -- up. They didn't on the may god have mercy on your soul. Amanda -- sister -- Serrano spoke about Amanda's desire for privacy for her and her daughter fathered by Castro. And content and at a press conference today the assistant prosecutor on the case give us a glimpse inside Castro's misguided mind. The restraints weren't just psychological who -- on the women there but it was also physical and it was also daily they were changed. Multiple times multiple places. Think we're all of us are concerned about it. He's he's been real good -- here. Castro is being captain and isolated cell and will soon be transferred to a state prison went well. Important he was sentenced to life in prison without parole and two counts of aggravated murder plus 1000 years for some. That's still not long enough. For Nightline I'm Alex Perez in Cleveland.

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{"id":19847702,"title":"Ariel Castro Gets Life 1,000 Years in Prison, Confronted by Victim","duration":"3:00","description":"Michelle Knight spoke directly to her tormentor about her 11 years of living hell.","url":"/Nightline/video/ariel-castro-life-1000-years-prison-confronted-victim-19847702","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}