Chinese Billionaires' New Accessory: Female Bodyguards

Young women in China are signing up for intense training to become protection machines.
3:32 | 11/29/12

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Transcript for Chinese Billionaires' New Accessory: Female Bodyguards
-- has photographed smiling out from all those pieces of Chinese currency -- wonder what chairman Mao would really think of all the newly minted millionaires. Enjoying the fruits of that country's capitalism -- as is often the case when a nation takes a great leap out of abject poverty. Conspicuous consumption is all the rage in Beijing and Shanghai these days but the Rolex and rolls are just part. From the status symbolism is ABC's Gloria -- tells us any self respecting Chinese mobile also needs a special kind of protection. Exactly I found myself into by an angry Chinese woman in a -- an eating sand is complicated. -- Things -- know it's not an Asian version of GIG. -- women are. On the -- must have list in China today. -- -- -- -- -- -- well over 200 billion years in this country almost a million millions. Many of them private protection I wouldn't -- men. Ultimate status symbol. Answering his rising demand is mr. Chen Yung Ching who once worked as a bodyguard for superstar Jackie -- Working in deep hand -- tight and money T -- These -- general -- parts -- promoter with his own personal -- -- so I think it. He's -- his security school which he says he's the first of its kind in China men and women in side by side for thirty days. Despite the physical risk women from across China want -- -- Amylin is one of them she's 24 years old and dropped out of medical school to come here. It's tiny and you're getting that everybody -- I feel like it is -- -- home she says it has more of the sense of justice. She's one of many happy to pay a hefty tuition. About 3000 dollars and follow the rules that means no dating until after the agent when meat. Mister January's 29 says it's a distraction -- He's so confident he can turn anyone into a body guard that -- challenges me to take his course. Canada hello this is getting out we'll -- 200 -- Practicing my scary -- -- wasn't so -- Until we got to hand to hand combat guns -- legal arrangement as a. Now. -- Yeah homily Benedict said TV -- remove him. Wouldn't have little of the crazy to -- the -- still on cannot. Usually motivated by Chen new not even me gives. Brings me back to exactly how I ended up in that had -- That's an open arms I have -- active at all costs. I a lot of -- That coconut until the very. -- -- -- -- -- Ten assures me he sees potential. But wouldn't last a full thirty days longer -- -- -- graduating with Chen's latest class of female bodyguards. My -- -- with a single -- Her -- I'm Gloria Riviera -- their --

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{"id":17834736,"title":"Chinese Billionaires' New Accessory: Female Bodyguards","duration":"3:32","description":"Young women in China are signing up for intense training to become protection machines.","url":"/Nightline/video/chinese-billionaires-accessory-female-bodyguards-17834736","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}