Dr. Ruth: How to Spice Up You Love Life

Ahead of Valentine's Day, the legendary sex expert offers advice to amp up the romance.
3:14 | 02/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dr. Ruth: How to Spice Up You Love Life
Well for the single taking or anywhere in between Valentine's Day can be a bit of a stressful time so if you look in the while a special someone this year we bring you the next best thing. To love potion number nine yes sensible tips from the one and only. Doctor Ruth. And now love advice from doctor -- west. I don't that was less and met with some good tips -- -- -- It's. Bringing flowers it's going to -- how it helped I expect. It won't ending more time. In the house so -- -- -- -- -- holiday. Manhattan what in them whipped. What's the best if you can keep your -- And that action. It's feeling -- you attachment you warm himself a bloody -- forward and basketball. It's good to have sex -- valuable out -- didn't. Expecting to have sex in the debt and put aside and wound up. And -- You might want to crash the war or -- if -- hadn't told Latin swine. In the US -- before. You have it can -- told me acting. Instead of going out -- -- and -- and -- you order a lab. That's Ludwig Dallas -- spectacle asks. I know that's supposed to do -- -- at an auction will what that means that -- to me to say a couple of months didn't. Students best things in Yelp -- that's life if you make their feet as. And especially the two of you -- the past couple months. So the -- -- put sanctions to have a positive outlook EV USU. You would be an English. You -- -- you assume you want to -- want us. How important is that could cause you bluntly about qualified unintended pregnancy. You'll enjoy -- and made war. And he'd look pretty safe don't think of contraceptives and I think that. -- that. -- -- action. And those convicted of pulling out of it as what you do on the island and at back -- US separate nation going we may well we'll see if there's something -- have -- Me you can't eat that you would be -- Horrible four then Shannon nice warm. -- your separate nations -- and I guarantee you -- you'll have a company acts. Do you imagine that what you -- back I -- and and that -- is hazy. They endure what -- me thanks to an old hit he expects to get to me then -- -- -- that we have an act of all you know it's.

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{"id":18448463,"title":"Dr. Ruth: How to Spice Up You Love Life","duration":"3:14","description":"Ahead of Valentine's Day, the legendary sex expert offers advice to amp up the romance.","url":"/Nightline/video/dr-ruth-spice-love-life-18448463","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}