Feed Frenzy: Beyonce's Hair Gets Caught in Fan

A choppy interruption on stage didn't stop Beyonce from singing her song, "Halo."
1:49 | 07/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Feed Frenzy: Beyonce's Hair Gets Caught in Fan
From a crash landing too hungry hungry whales to an appliance -- no respect for talent. We got a lot of narrow escapes in tonight's feed frenzy. An investigation is underway into the latest from rough landing make -- nervous fliers all the more nervous. Imagine the sheer terror for the passengers aboard the southwest flight into New York's LaGuardia Airport yesterday when without warning. Its nose gear failed as the plane touched down the aircraft skidded down the runway on its nose crumbling up beneath the -- Causing enough damages and several people on board in the hospital. -- minor injuries. And from the a quarter version of the it could have been a lot worse files to -- scuba divers killing time snorkeling among Sar Deans narrowly escaped a trip. Into the belly of the whale humpback whale subsist on small fish but at a colossal size of forty tons they need a lot of them so they're feeding technique. Vertical lunges -- -- -- Which almost resulted in the human. And one more look -- -- beyoncé. May not have been within their hair back and forth like Willow Smith but -- -- was having a bad hair days when her luscious locks were attacked by crazy fan. In Montreal last night. Mrs. Shawn Carter were rock and some big hair she performed her hit song halo for 21000 screaming concert goers. And then she got little caught up in the moment. But kept right on going as only the queen bee can't. Ladies and gentlemen this is what separates royalty. From the rest.

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{"id":19755975,"title":"Feed Frenzy: Beyonce's Hair Gets Caught in Fan","duration":"1:49","description":"A choppy interruption on stage didn't stop Beyonce from singing her song, \"Halo.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/feed-frenzy-beyonces-hair-caught-fan-19755975","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}