Inside the World of Hollywood Bodyguards

The booming business of security details paid to protect celebs, billionaires and VIPs.
5:10 | 02/23/13

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Transcript for Inside the World of Hollywood Bodyguards
Hollywood bodyguards of the strong and silent centerpiece of the celebrity on -- Only a security -- for some there also the ultimate status symbol. Who -- chases -- crazy fans of the paparazzi scrum there to make sure that nobody messes with their clients. Well how big is the business and is it really necessary. ABC's claims and Dell has the chance. -- Celebrities and their body guards. From Lindsay Lohan. To Justin Bieber had. To Rihanna in London. Hollywood body -- can stir up trouble. Clashing with paparazzi and on movie fans pushing boundaries and -- be getting hurt and killed. That's where can't lawyer and his group of 200 agents come in Boyer and partner Keith Wiggins wired with -- today are tailing actor Jimmy Bennett. Bennett is seventeen and already -- veteran actor with a ton of movie and TV credits. Recently an ABC's no ordinary family and a cameo was a hell raising future -- captain in Star Trek. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- an -- Lister but even heat as bodyguards as it strange having. And -- and everywhere and talking and there. I had -- -- really weird and it can't attention when he calls on the Bennett's body guards are within every step of the way but we have -- west. Is all this. Really necessary. No offense but you're not. Yet a household name -- brown -- -- yeah. I just felt like it was needed and have just had too many incidents and too many things just you know like Evans has around -- he also. Finally it's go time. They arrive at a Hollywood movie studio thousand party -- and potential threats are everywhere. We're looking for bad guys were looking for body language facial expressions. And we're looking for people that may be have a fixation on him -- they wanna come up to -- approaching and personal protection is a huge business demand is going up yes. Absolutely why. I think they were in a dangerous time and I think that people are a little bit more concerned about the security. That protection does not come cheap could be from 252. One point five million a year depending on the individual client. The danger is so real the LAPD created -- unit to handle stalkers making threats. -- -- stars like Britney Spears -- -- and Jennifer Garner. Moyer got his start working security at the Playboy Mansion. At twelve years ago he founded the world protection group -- looking for people -- you don't that it. Kent -- Secret Service -- tactics and celebrity protection. Product. They learn to deal with stalkers crowd control and how to make it quick escape -- Talking with -- well. Every one of these guys is the threat. Every one of these guys is that Baghdad certain Nordegren. Blair like many agent Darrell Clarke has a police and military background. He says that the injury protection work is real and it doesn't matter. It's always somebody potentially explosive spotlight. -- estimate of one of course. You never know. Occasionally celebrities get very close to their bodyguards. Relationship turns hot and heavy Heidi clue -- admitted sparking a romance with her -- -- You -- in a relationship right now. And it's with someone who works with you your -- -- yes gentlemen yes and you've known him for along time I've known him for four years and he's been with family. For the last four years he's scared forum you know entire family must see for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- TV cameras caught Kim car -- -- -- former bodyguard in a -- won't let -- you know businesses. And who could forget cabinet Whitney. So when you -- like the body buried here Heidi clones story what do you tell -- origins. Well I I tell in the training that you're not -- -- you're not the boyfriend or girlfriend and realities you have to maintain always professional bass. Sometimes the relationship goes back Justin Bieber is being sued by -- former bodyguard -- to -- case was settled. As a status symbol a body guard says you will ride there's a certain percentage of celebrity type people. That want to have that bodyguard for the purposes say and I got a body -- cradle when -- went yet when really there is not much of a threatens more showpiece. Bennett who is now branching out into a music career admits the -- here is low but says the expense of the security detail. It's well worth the peace of mind. -- more in the public's things. There definitely has more on the threat but I mean -- -- -- I have my guys. I don't think I will be worried. Another night in the light of -- Hollywood star with an extra -- always watching. For Nightline -- -- Rendell in Los Angeles.

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{"id":18572905,"title":"Inside the World of Hollywood Bodyguards","duration":"5:10","description":"The booming business of security details paid to protect celebs, billionaires and VIPs.","url":"/Nightline/video/inside-world-hollywood-bodyguards-18572905","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}