Which Tea Party Candidates Won?


The results are still pending from the Alaska senate race where attorney Joe Miller is in a tight race with write-in candidate, incumbent Lisa Murkowski, and Democrat Scott McAdams. Miller gained national publicity when we won the Republican primary, defeating Murkowski, who later made a run as a write-in candidate. Miller won the primary with support from the Tea party and the backing of Palin. During the campaign, Miller made some controversial comments suggesting Social Security should be privatized and Medicare should be phased out. Miller stands for limited government spending and the repeal of health care reform. He opposes abortion and environmental "cap and trade" proposals.

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Christine O'Donnell

Christine O'Donnell, Delaware

Marketing consultant

Opponent: Chris Coons, county executive (D)

Endorsed by Sarah Palin

Christine O'Donnell was defeated in the Delaware race for U.S. Senate by Democrat Chris Coons, a county executive. O'Donnell gained nationwide attention when she won the Republican nomination, defeating Rep. Mike Castle. She is also known for her controversial remarks on the first amendment and provocative past remarks. This is her third unsuccessful Senate bid.

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WATCH O'Donnell at the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit.

Rand Paul

Rand Paul, Kentucky


Opponent: Jack Conway, state attorney general (D)

Endorsed by Sarah Palin

After one of the nastiest races in the country, Rand Paul, an ophthalmologist, won the Kentucky Senate election, defeating Jack Conway, state attorney general. An ABC News exit poll shows he won by 23 point margin. Paul had the first major Tea party win of the night. The race was so contentious, that after a debate filled with personal attacks, Paul refused to shake Conway's hand. The Conway campaign did not back down from controversial ads and raised many questions about Paul's prior activities. Paul stands for lower taxes and a dramatic reduction in government spending. He opposes and government bailouts of private businesses, a path to legal residency for illegal immigrants.

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Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio, Florida

Lawyer, former Speaker, State House of Representatives

Opponents: Rep. Kendrick Meek (D), Gov. Charlie Crist (I)

Marco Rubio won the three-way Florida Senate race, defeating Democrat Rep. Kendrick Meek and Independent Gov. Charlie Crist. Meek had been trailing in the polls. Crist became an Independent to avoid facing Rubio in the primary. Rubio is the son of Cuban immigrants and originally opposed Arizona's new harsh illegal immigration law. However, he now supports it since its scope has been narrowed. He also stands for balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution, gun rights and a repeal of the health care reform law.

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Pat Toomey

Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania

Former U.S. Representative

Opponent: Rep. Joe Sestak (D)

Pat Toomey won the Pennsylvania Senate contest, defeating Democrat Rep. Joe Sestak. Sestak defeated incumbent Arlen Specter in the primary, but was behind Toomey in the polls. Toomey is the head of the anti-tax group Club for Growth, and has tried to tie Sestak to Obama's agenda. Toomey is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights. He opposes the stimulus, abortion rights, and same-sex marriage.

WATCH Toomey explains his platform.

2010 Election Maps: Track Results of House, Senate and Governor's Races

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