Emissions Tax: What 2012 Presidential Hopefuls Are Saying

Palin is one of the most outspoken critics of the Obama administration's energy policies. The former Alaska governor argues that cap and trade policies would cost the U.S. economy, cut Americans' jobs and in the end, increase taxes on the poor. Palin has also said that the potential harm from climate change pales in comparison to what would happen if the Democrats' policy were to pass.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Former Massachusetts Governor

Opinion: Against

"Because cap and trade simply moves greenhouse gas emitters from America to other nations like China and India that don't participate in the program, it wouldn't do a thing to affect the climate of the overall planet." – Video on PAC website

In 2005, Romney touted cap-and-trade as "good for business," according to the Boston Globe. Like many of his counterparts, Romney now says a cap and trade program would hurt the U.S. economy and kill American jobs. He said he rejected a regional cap and trade program as Massachusetts governor because it would raise energy prices for businesses and families.

Jon Huntsman

Jon Huntsman

Former U.S. Ambassador to China, Former Utah Governor

Opinion: Supporter

"We have entered an era in which all nations are called upon to work together to address the urgent problem of global climate change. … During my chairmanship of the Western Governors Association, we focused specifically on the global nature of climate change, working directly with China and other major carbon emitters on this critical issue." - Testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, July 23, 2009.

The former Obama administration official's cap and trade record could prove to be a significant barrier in his 2012 run. In 2007, Huntsman signed the Western Climate Initiative designed to lay the groundwork for a cap and trade system in western North America.

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