The Edwards Announcement Politicized?

There's not much about John Edwards' politics that I like, but no one who knows him or his wife have any doubt about the deep and profound love they have for one another. She won't have to face this alone. And if her condition should worsen, it's pretty obvious that her husband will be by her side, just like he was after their teenage son was killed in an accident.

There's nothing about this week's announcement that should change any opinions about whether or not to consider John Edwards our future president. Believe me, there's enough about his liberal ideology that should prevent us from electing him.

But a personal tragedy like this should transcend politics. Agree with him or not, this is a man -- and woman -- who are deserving of our prayers.

I can almost picture some die-hard politicos shaking their heads and clucking at my empathy for the Edwards. After all, politics is blood sport, right?

Not for me. Not in this case.

I guess I just don't have what it takes. Oh well, so much for my dream of getting elected to anything at all.

Mike Gallagher is a national syndicated talk radio host and a contributing editor for His Web site is

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