TRANSCRIPT: The Republican Debate

If we want the kind of results they have in England or France or Canada or Cuba, like Michael Moore wants us to do, then we should go in that direction. But that would be a terrible thing to do.

What we should do is increase the number of people who have private insurance. In order to do that, we should give them a major tax deduction, $15,000, let them have a health savings account as part of that. They'll have an incentive to own their own health insurance. That's the thing that's wrong with the market here. It is not really good to move this thing in terms of more government control of health care.


STEPHANOPOULOS: But just for the record, everyone is against the expansion as Grassley outlined.

Go ahead.

YEPSEN: Congressman Hunter?

HUNTER: Yeah. Let's get back to freedom.

One thing you can't do right now, if you're an American who has a health insurance plan is you can't buy health insurance across state lines.

Now, we've seen studies that have shown that the same coverage that costs 750 bucks a month in Massachusetts, you can buy in Missouri for 170 bucks a month.

HUNTER: But you can't buy your health insurance across state lines like Americans buy lots of stuff across state lines.

George, you know, I had a senior citizen come into my office one day. She had a $10 wrist brace on. And she said, "I was told not to complain about this, because government is paying for it."

She gave me the bill. It was $525.

That -- you're going to see a lot of $525 wrist braces if we pass -- if we continue to pass this SCHIP which really is the first extension of socialized medicine. This is socialized medicine. It's going to go to families that make $60,000 a year. Those aren't poor children.


YEPSEN: Senator Brownback, the bill would raise tobacco tax, as you know. How do we pay for health care in this country without raising some additional revenues?

BROWNBACK: Well, that's why I voted against the bill.

But it wasn't just that. The piece of it that I think you have to recognize is that you've got a fundamental decision to make here on health care, which is 16 percent of the economy, going north fast, probably headed to 20 percent of our total economy. Do you think the solution to providing more and better health care is, one, that we should have more government solutions involved, or should there be more market-based solutions involved?

And I think clearly the answer here is you need more market forces in health care. That's what we need to do.


Instead, you've got the Democrats doing a step-by-step march toward a socialized one government-pay system. And they're very happy to do it that way.

But we can get better health care going this way. And we can hold the price of it down and not bust the federal treasury at the same time. We can get (inaudible).

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, we didn't get a debate among all of you, but maybe we'll get one with Senator Grassley later, after the debate. (UNKNOWN): Maybe he won't endorse anybody after this.

STEPHANOPOULOS: After this, that's right.

I want to move on to something...

THOMPSON: But, George...

STEPHANOPOULOS: Excuse me, Governor Thompson, I want to move on now to something that Governor Romney brought up just a little while ago, and that was the comments earlier this week of Senator Obama, where he talked about going into Pakistan even if President Musharraf didn't agree.

Here's what he said.


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