TRANSCRIPT: The Republican Debate

I hope every day I'd never forget I work for those people; they don't work for me. I'd like to be the kind of president that's more concerned about the people on Main Street, not just the folks on Wall Street. And we need that kind of Republican running, that kind of Republican winning.

I'd never forget who the boss really, really is.


STEPHANOPOLOUS: Congressman Paul?

PAUL: I would restore openness to government. I do not think in this country we should have secrecy of government. The purpose of government is to provide privacy for the people.

I would never use executive privilege to deny information to the Congress, with the full realization that you protect security information, but in the very general sense, we should be very, very open.

We want a transparent government. And currently I believe we could improve on that matter.


STEPHANAPOULOS: Congressman Hunter, last word.

HUNTER: I think restoring what I call economic patriotism.

You know, in World War I, World War II and the Cold War, we rode to victory on the arsenal of democracy. That's our great industrial base, our ability to make things in this country, this magnificent manufacturing capability, which right now we're pushing offshore, pushing to China, pushing to India, pushing to Japan.

I would stop China from cheating on trade. I would level the playing field. I would bring back that arsenal of democracy that we need, not only for high-paying jobs in this country but also to defend the country.

And lastly, when my kid came back from Iraq, he wrote a great letter. And the last part of that letter said, "Families lift this country up. They provide us with fidelity, morality, faith in God, and raising the next generation of Americans."

Our work: to make sure that we elevate the American family and make a life of opportunity for that next generation of Americans.



Thank you all. It was a great debate.

Thanks everyone who was watching back at home.



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