TRANSCRIPT: ABC News/Facebook/WMUR Democratic Debate


EDWARDS: If you're going to pick the one for me, it was when I made the horrendous mistake of teasing Hillary about her jacket.


And I want her to know, I think you look terrific tonight.



GIBSON: And Senator Obama?

OBAMA: Well, I -- you know, there have been all kinds of aspects to my debate performance that I'd love to correct or sharpen.

But, overall, actually, here's an area where I agree with Hillary: that there has been a stark contrast, generally, between the four of us and those who aren't debating with us now but were previously.

There is going to be a fundamental difference between the Republican nominee and the Democratic nominee: ending the politics of fear that has so dominated our political debate, making certain that we're actually listening to the American people and the struggles and hardships that they're going through.

OBAMA: And I think the opportunity to bring the American people together and to push back those special interests, to actually deliver on meaningful differences in their lives, that's something -- that's a prospect that I think all Democrats should be excited about.

GIBSON: I want to thank all four of you for being here. And I want to thank the six Republicans who preceded you.


No matter who people across the country are supporting, whether it's in this party or the other, we wish all of you well and we thank you for being here. All the best.

We're going to take a commercial break. When we come back, Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos.

Thank you for watching.



SAWYER: Here with George Stephanopoulos. And there we're seeing the handshakes afterwards, everybody examining the body language.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Everybody playing nice.

SAWYER: That's right. Everybody is playing nice, a short, but friendly exchange between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton.

Let me ask you, George Stephanopoulos, here we are, the rumble at St. Anselm is over.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But they weren't playing nice throughout the whole debate.

SAWYER: No, they were not.

What about the Democrats? What were the moments that mattered?

STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, here's the one that I think mattered right near the top. Hillary Clinton took some shots at Barack Obama early on. And remember at the beginning of the debate, I posed the question, what is John Edwards going to do tonight? Is he going to focus on Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? He made his decision. He rose to the defense of Obama, took on Clinton.


EDWARDS: Every time he speaks out for change, every time I fight for change, the forces of status quo are going to attack -- every single time. Now, I didn't hear these kind of attacks from Senator Clinton when she was ahead. Now that she's not, we hear them.

CLINTON: Now, wait a minute. I'm going to respond to this, because obviously making change is not about what you believe, it's not about a speech you make. It is about working hard.

I want to make change, but I've already made change. I will continue to make change.

I'm not just running on a promise of change. I'm running on 35 years of change.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Boy, did he push her buttons there. I don't think it was her best moment of the night.

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