Monday RNC Convention Wire Archive

Director of American Islamic Congress Zainab al- Suwaij: "Living under Saddam Hussein, we could not gather as we do now to discuss things like democracy and freedom. We could only dream of a day when we could speak freely, and worship God in ways of our own choosing. Instead, we lived under a murderer...." America, under the strong, compassionate leadership of President Bush, has given Iraqis the most precious gift any nation has ever given another -- the gift of democracy and the freedom to determine its own future"

Robert Khuzami on the Patriot Act: "The PATRIOT Act has helped our homeland security team dismantle terror cells from New York to Oregon, disrupt efforts to obtain weapons, and cut off sources of terrorist funding."

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik discusses President Bush's role in protecting America: "We didn't ask for this war, but faced with an evil whose only mission is to destroy our country ... we had to respond. The President responded by creating the Department of Homeland Security, he enacted the PATRIOT Act and he has tripled our homeland security funding since 2001." Today, we live in a much safer world as a result of this President's strong leadership. As I think about his leadership, I think of the courage it took for our Commander in Chief to land on an airstrip in the dark of night, a world away, to be with our troops on Thanksgiving.He was there for them as he was for us right here in New York City, inspiring a nation as he stood on hallowed ground, supporting the first responders."

Actor Ron Silver salutes the troops and remembers 9/11: "we will never forget we will never forgive we will never excuse...this is a war that we did not seek. this is a war waged against us. we had to respond."

Former President HW Bush and Mrs. Bush enter the convention hall at 8:51 pm to Van Halen's "Jump".

Vice President Cheney and Lynne Cheney enter the convention hall at 8:35 pm.

Rep. Dennis Hastert looks at the legacies of former Presidents Lincoln and Reagan as he touts President Bush's leadership: "Both President Lincoln and Reagan understand that in order to be respected int he world you have to have the courage to stand up for America. George Bush shares the Lincoln and Reagan vision. Does anyone know where John Kerry really stands on the war? This is no time to puick a leader taht is weak on war and strong on taxes."

Offical panoramic photograph taken of the convention hall at 8:30 pm.

Rep. Dennis Hastert suspends role call until the next session to begin with New Jersey.

DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe insta-responds to Giuliani's speech: "Rudy Giuliani tonight will speak at the Republican convention about a President with whom he often disagrees about a special interest platform he does not support. This is all part of George Bush's and Dick Cheney's attempt to mask their failed record and their special interest agenda. "The idea of Rudy Giuliani comparing George W. Bush to Winston Churchill reminds me of a certain Churchil quote that, after the last four years, most certainly applies to George Bush – 'he's a humble man with much to be humble about.'"

Rep. Deborah Price of Ohio gavels the convention to order at 7:53 pm.

SPOTTED: RNC Political Director Blaise Hazelwood gives floor briefing on GOTV activities to select group of floor whips.

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