Americans Elect: A Presidential Campaign Without a Candidate


Sragow said the group's founders also expected the Republican primary to end quickly, rather than drag on through the spring, giving Americans Elect time in the spotlight.

"There really wasn't a chance for a focus on Americans Elect because the focus was on the drama in the Republican Party," he said.

Even though Americans Elect did not attract a qualified candidate pool and thus was unable to use the online nominating process it has so carefully constructed, Sragow said he did not think the group had failed.

"I don't think it has gotten as far as certainly the key players within Americans Elect had hoped, but you have to look at it, I think, very realistically," he said. "Americans Elect is unquestionably the most ambitious political start-up in this country in decades. When a company succeeds and they are big and successful, you forget what they went through to get there."

Sragow and Roemer said they expect online presidential nominating conventions, such as the one Americans Elect created, will be the future of politics.

"This is new ground here," Roemer said, "and I predict it's ground that all of America will be involved in four years from now."

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