How to Avoid Politics on Social Media


Working with Buzzfeed, they came up with The browser extension blocks any post on Facebook and Twitter that has common political terms or names, such as "election," "Romney," or "Obama." A Facebook post containing any of the pre-set words will be blocked and replaced with a photo of a cat. The text of a Twitter post will be wiped and replaced with a link to Buzzfeed's cats page. You can customize both the words you don't want to see, and what images you would prefer in their place.

"People were demanding it," Baker told ABC News. "We have had a lot of users saying how the silence is golden and how the new constant stream of cats is making them happier. I think it's doing its part to help with sanity."

In addition to there's another extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers called Socialfixer. Socialfixer lets you filter messages based on keywords on Facebook. It's more complicated to set up and only works with Facebook, but it does pull all the messages out of the feed and puts them on a different tab on your Facebook feed.

Tolerance or Finding 'Harmonious Discord'

Some others ABC News spoke to recommended mentally tuning out the posts, while others suggested finding places to go where the conversation is less contentious.

Samuel Harrison and his friend Mark Hines created a Facebook group called "Harmonious Discord" -- a safe space for political conversation on Facebook.

The group is open to anyone, but requires people to be respectful of each other's views. "This project is designed to show how we can have an honest political discussion without the spit and vinegar that seems inseparable from politics in our time," the group's description says.

It encourages people to be open to other points of view. And ultimately, social media can be a great outlet for that.

"Is my world view really correct? If you can't test that a little bit, that's not good. And places like Facebook and Twitter can be a good place to do that," Scoble said. "Sure, if you're deluged with stuff, I understand that, but the good news is there is something you can do about it."

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