Dick Armey Defends His $8 Million Deal to Leave FreedomWorks


"I must say the trespass against me was so comprehensive and so eroding of my critical asset -- and my critical asset is my relationship with the press," Armey said. "I actually had a court case, a case I could have taken and I did consider doing so, but we decided we wanted to try and handle it quietly outside of the press pursuant to the condition was I could not work with these guys anymore. You can't take people who you indisputably understand to be dishonest and dangerous to the organization in their dishonesty and continue working with them."

Neither Kibbe nor FreedomWorks Vice President Adam Brandon would talk about Armey's accusations and the group's press secretary Jacqueline Bodnar said only, "We want to thank Dick Armey for his years of service. We are focused and excited heading into 2013 and we wish him well."

"We are just moving into 2013," Bodnar said. "FreedomWorks has always had the same mission to create a winning constituency of activists of limited government. We've always done that and we will continue to do that in 2013 and we are excited to do that in 2013."

The man who was one of the leaders of the 1990s "Republican Revolution" said he was "hurt" by the report of the armed coup.

"I'm getting a hail storm of caricatures about me now being some kind of gun toting crazy man that I don't appreciate at this time in my life to be characterized in that way," Armey said.

Armey said he is concerned about the future of both the Tea Party and the Republican Party and how you "mend fences" with groups that have become completely alienated by their party.

Despite that alienation, he defended FreedomWorks' decision to pour money into races like Todd Akin's in Missouri after his controversial comments about "legitimate rape." Akin lost to Democratic incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill, who had been expected to be easily defeated.

"They say Akin said a dumb thing. Look if you never again ever campaigned for every politician that ever said a dumb thing you would never campaign for any politician, and more than one politician has made a comeback after saying a dumb thing," Armey said.

He said it's clear both the GOP and the Tea Party needs work.

"The Republican Party seems to be more inept than ever and the Democratic Party seems to be more skillful than ever…We had the magic of Ronald Reagan in 1980 and we had the magic of the contract in 1994, but you can't sit around and wait for the next great man to come along or the next great moment," Armey said.

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