Inauguration to Cost Millions But Total Price Tag Unclear


Where will that money go? All over the nation's capital city – from security to snow removal in a chilly year to porta-potty inspection to first aid tents.

"We ensure the safety of our visitors, and we protect the natural and cultural resources of the park lands that belong to the American public," Johnson said.

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This year they have more than 600 park employees and volunteers coming in for Inauguration Day.

The U.S. Secret Service is another important and costly piece of the puzzle.

For security reasons, the Secret Service, Metropolitan Police, DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services and other security groups do not divulge cost figures prior to Inauguration day.

But because Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano designated the 2013 Inauguration a National Special Security Event – in keeping with past inaugurations – the funding for the Secret Service comes from a special pot. The Secret Service has a budget of $19.307 million for all NSSEs for the fiscal year, according to the CRS report, so their costs will be a fraction of that amount.

Security for ticketed events like the Inaugural Balls comes out of the PIC's budget, because they are considered private events, according to the CRS report.

The report lists funding set aside for the District of Columbia to cover inauguration-related costs this year at $9.8 million. In 2009, the District was reimbursed more than $44 million, including a $9.54 million FEMA grant authorized by President Bush prior to the event, according to reports by the Executive Office of the Mayor and the National Capital Region.

That broke down to $24.25 million for the MPD, almost $5 million for the Department of Real Estate Services and $2.5 million for DC Fire and EMS.

FEMS Battalion Chief Brian Lee said his organization provides "emergency medical care, safety and security to the public and dignitaries" during inaugural events and that doing that requires extra personnel and equipment.

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On Inauguration Day, Washington Metro Area Transit Authority will be essential for those heading into the city for the ceremonies. They did not have cost estimates available at the time of publishing.

During the 2009 Inauguration Day, Metro set the all-time record for most ridership – providing service for more than 1.54 million trips that day.

One exorbitant cost has already drawn attention in the District; the mayor's viewing stand, from which D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray will watch the Inaugural Parade, cost $342,000 to build. The banner above it reads, "A More Perfect Union Must Include Full Democracy in DC."

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