Marco Rubio Likens Mitt Romney's Personal Story to His Own


"Under Barack Obama, the only 'change' is that 'hope' is hard to find," Rubio said, citing Obama slogans from the 2008 election. "Now, sadly, millions of Americans are insecure about their future. But instead of inspiring us by reminding us of what makes us special, he divides us against each other. He tells Americans they're worse off because others are better off, that rich people people got rich by making other people poor. Hope and change has become divide and conquer."

"It doesn't matter how you feel about President Obama, because this election is about your future, not his," he added. "And it's not simply a choice between a Democrat and a Republican. It's a choice about what kind of country we want America to be."

Rubio's speech not only tried to highlight differences between the president and Romney, it also drew on themes of American exceptionalism, describing the ideals and principles upon which the country was built and claiming, "these last few years have tested your faith in the promise of America."

"America was founded on the principle that every person has God-given rights, founded on the belief that power belongs to the people, that government exists to protect our rights and serve our interests, and that no one should be trapped in the circumstances of our birth," Rubio said. "We should be free to go as far as our talents and work can take us."

Rubio made the case that in order to ensure the "American miracle" is achieved in future generations, the country must elect Romney as president.

"The story of our time will be written by Americans who haven't yet been born," Rubio said. "Let's make sure they write that we did our part, that we chose more freedom instead of more government. We chose the principles of our founding to solve the challenges of our time. We chose Mitt Romney to lead our nation. And because we did, the American miracle lived on for another generation to inherit."

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