Marco Rubio loves hip-hop, The Gladiator and all things football: Ten details from new unauthorized biography

"For all his political skills, he sometimes got the optics wrong. The same month that he secured the pledges necessary to win the speaker race he was caught up in an embarrassing episode during the Major League Baseball World Series. He and a few other Republican lawmakers skipped an important vote--touted by some as one of the most important in Florida history--to watch the hometown Marlins play a world Series game."

10. Rubio can free-style

On long car rides along the campaign trail in Florida, "Rubio liked to blast hip-hop on the stereo, Snoop Dogg and other edgy rappers. 'He can spit!' one young staffer marveled to a friend, invoking the slang term for singing rap lyrics. A love of music that could be profane and sometimes celebrated drug use and violence wasn't exactly what they expected from the up-and-coming voice of righteous conservatism. 'You know, I get in trouble when I talk about that a little bit, because maybe I shouldn't listen to that any more, but the music is good," Rubio would later say. '[You've] just got to sometimes ignore what their politics may be and just enjoy the music."

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