Gabrielle Giffords' Emotional Plea for Senate 'Courage' on Gun Control


Giffords Versus LaPierre at Gun Control Hearing

The panel included attorney Gayle Trotter, the only woman in the group, and she pegged herself as the voice for women in the gun violence debate at the hearing.

She told the story of a mother protecting her children from a home invasion by shooting a would-be attacker. Trotter maintained that women need guns because they are at a physical disadvantage against criminals and most protect their "babies."

She described an AR-15 -- the type of weapon used at Newtown -- as the weapon of choice for young women and told the hearing, "I stand for millions of women across this country."

There were audible hisses and moans from the audience and someone said "No, you don't."

The hearing is titled "What Should America Do About Gun Violence?" Others testifying include Professor David Kopel of Denver University's Strum College of Law and Baltimore Chief of Police James Johnson.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who last week introduced a bill which would outlaw 157 semiautomatic weapons, told Politico she was not content with the witnesses called to testify and will hold a hearing of her own.

"I'm concerned and registered my concern with Sen. [Patrick] Leahy yesterday, that the witnesses are skewed to the anti-gun, anti-assault weapons position," Feinstein told Politico. "He agreed that I would be able to do my own hearing on the assault weapons legislation which I will proceed to

An ABC News-Washington Post poll released earlier this month found that 65 percent of those polled supported banning high capacity ammunition magazines while 58 percent favored banning the sale of so-called assault weapons.

Earlier this month President Obama introduced his gun policy agenda, which called for the banning of some assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines holding over 10 rounds. The president's plan included 23 executive actions on gun violence that would not require congressional approval, which included a directive for national agencies to strengthen the criminal background check system.

A new ABC News-Washington Post poll out last week showed 53 percent favored the president's gun control plan while 41 percent viewed it unfavorably.

ABC News' Mary McGuire contributed to this report.

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