Could Virgil Goode Win Virginia for Barack Obama?

"Well, he said he is [Christian]," Goode said, after a long pause, noting that anybody, in his opinion, is free to adhere to any religion. (Goode himself is a Baptist.)

Asked whether he would be comfortable with a Mormon president, Goode said, "Well, that's up to the citizens of the United States ... his positions [on immigration] make me uncomfortable."

Goode does not subscribe to the Constitution Party's entire platform, either. It calls for the repeal of direct senatorial elections, an end to congressional pensions, no more state-sponsored lotteries, abolishment of the Civil Service system, no women in the military, no domestic federal aid to states (a term that would seem to encompass programs like Medicare and Medicaid), no federal education subsidies, the end of the Department of Education, the phasing out of Social Security, and the elimination of the Internal Revenue Service along with all income, payroll, and estate taxes.

Asked about this last bit, Goode said: "There has to be something," suggesting that if enough excise and sales taxes could be collected, the IRS could all but disappear.

"I'm for simple and fair," he said.

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