Post-Thanksgiving Fiscal Cliffhangers

DON'T MISS THIS: SUNDAY ON THIS WEEK: BRAD WOODHOUSE, SEAN SPICER TO SHAVE EACH OTHER'S HEADS. You read that right. ABC's Julie Percha reports: Before the presidential election, Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse made a bet with his Republican counterpart, Sean Spicer, at the Republican National Committee. The deal: Whoever's candidate won the election would shave the loser's head, on national television. But rather than let Spicer go bald alone, the pair decided to team up to support the St. Baldrick's Foundation, a national group that raises money for childhood cancer research grants by shaving the heads of volunteers. They've both agreed to lose their locks for charity, and--with a little razor help from ABC's Jon Karl--you can catch their hair-raising transformation Nov. 25 on "This Week."

RIHANNA TOUR DEBACLE VS. THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL. This past week, dozens of music journalists found out as they set out on a 7 day, 7 country, 7 concert tour with the pop superstar Rihanna. The tour wraps up tonight in New York, and reports so far have included words like "disaster," "chaos" and "anarchy," ABC's Amber Porter writes. So how does that stack up to spending 16 months on the road with Mitt Romney? Some comparisons here:

MITT ROMNEY AT DISNEYLAND? That's where he was yesterday, according to this unverified photo tweeted by @CleatChaser_15:



--WORTH A CLICK: SEASON ONE OF 'MOVING NUMBERS'.  Just when you thought the 2012 election season was over, one more U.S. Senate race has yet to be decided -- albeit a fictional one. Long-time GOP strategist John Brabender and producer Leslie Baker came up with the nine-part webisode series, "Moving Numbers," which chronicles the U.S. Senate campaign of their character, Bob Sanders.  Sanders is a sitting Republican Pennsylvania Congressman who decides to make a run for the Senate in a largely Democratic state. The series features a variety of real-life political figures will also appear in the episodes including pollster Frank Luntz, Democratic Strategist Robert Shrum and journalist Josh Green. "The wide-ranging topics make for shows that are sometimes hilarious, sometimes irreverent, but always entertaining," Brabender said. "And yes, some of these incidents are from any professional experiences - but I'm never going to reveal which ones." You can check out all nine episodes of season one of "Moving Numbers" at

--ASK ME ABOUT MY GIGANTIC LEFTOVER CAMPAIGN INFRASTRUCTURE. As Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said at Tuesday's Politico breakfast, Obama for America will solicit ideas from its supporters on what the campaign should become, post election. That process has already begun, as the campaign emailed supporters Tuesday evening directing them toward a survey: "This Sunday, we sent you a short survey, and according to our records, it looks like you haven't taken it yet. We'd love to have your feedback on your campaign experience and what happens in the future. Our work didn't end on Election Day. With your help, this movement will keep growing and evolving, and will play a big role in fighting for the causes we care about in President Obama's second term."



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