Obama on nudity, drag racing, and how to write: 20 details from Maraniss' ‘Barack Obama: The Story'

"First there was his little toe. It stuck out from the end of his slippers, or flip-flops as they were called on the mainland. his little toe was straight, rather than cramped and curling inward, a sign that his feet enjoyed a liberated existence, unbound by leather shoes. Then there was the rest of his daily uniform: OP (Ocean Pacific) corduroy shorts or denim jeans, a shell bracelet, polo shirts or tees (including one promoting the Hawaii state senate candidacy of Neil Abercrombie...)."

7. Obama's got the moves like Jagger.

"Barry Obama played a lot of Hendrix, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Billie Holiday, but was known in the Annex for his wicked impression of Mick Jagger. He could do the walk, the strut, the face, and act out the dramatic scene of the Rolling Stones onstage at the Altamont Speedway outside Livermore, California, on December 6, 1969,.."

8. Obama thought the world would be a better place without clothes, especially when nice-looking ladies were around.

Allegedly stoned and drunk one night at Occidental, Obama and a friend stopped to talk to an attractive girl and "Barry launched into a riff on nudity, offering his theory that the human race would be better off if people did not wear clothes. This declaration was made with the urgency of someone ready to strip then and there. ...It seemed apparent that Barry was trying to seduce the woman right in front of" his friend who had a crush on the girl.

She appeared "sympathetic to the theoretical argument but not ready to put it into practice."

9. Obama loved to wear hats in college

"Mark Parsons said Obama displayed one small trait that showed he wanted to be a player: he wore a lot of 'stupid hats.' He usually wore them cocked, to look cool."

10. In his younger days, Obama smoked his cigarettes like he smoked his weed.

"His friends noticed that Barry had a peculiar smoking style, a little affectation. He turned his wrist up and cupped the cigarette between thumb and index finger. He smoked a cigarette the same way he smoked a joint."

11. Obama joked that he would stop smoking after he got married because it would be okay to get fat then.

Mark Parsons: "I remember him telling me he would quit after he got married. He didn't want to quit smoking because he said he would gain weight, but after he got married it would be okay to gain weight. I think it was mostly a joke."

12. The camera loved Obama, and he loved it back.

At Occidental, fellow student Lisa Jack asked to photograph him in her apartment, and Obama stole the show.

"It was one of those times when his ambition was unmistakable ... He blew smoke like he was on a Bob Dylan album jacket. he put on his hat and cocked it low like he was Jimi Hendrix. he walked toward a heating grate and knelt down like Miles Davis. "These are all his ideas, not mine," Jack recalled. "No one else got up to stand over the grate with a hat on. Nobody. I think he was into it. he was pleased he had been asked. ... In one roll of film Barry goes from innocent baby to Jimi Hendrix to a Black Panther--from having furn to thoughtful to angst."

13. Obama was that guy in college who didn't study much but still got better grades than you.

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