Orrin Hatch's challenger Dan Liljenquist on Utah Senate race: ‘This is not in the bag'

Liljenquist strongly supports term limits and has pledged to term limit himself if elected-- a stark contrast to Hatch, a long-term veteran who argues that by passing him over for re-election Utah is losing out on his potential chairmanship to the Senate Finance Committee (that is, if Republicans win the Senate.)

At the first town hall Wednesday, one delegate asked Liljenquist to reassure him why he should vote for a new candidate over Hatch and his seniority.

Liljenquist responded by asking those gathered to name a recent Finance Chairman. The Senate Finance Chair "is not the king of the world," Liljenquist said. "Democrats are likely to keep the Senate," he said, later adding that Sen. Mike Crapo of Idaho is actually more likely to win the chairmanship. "There's very little risk to Utah not having Senator Hatch there."

Check back with Yahoo News Friday for a dispatch from the Hatch campaign.

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