Paul Ryan Heckled in 'Wonderful' Debut on Trail as Running Mate


During a campaign stop in, Vice President Joe Biden jumped in, too, tying Ryan, who's been in Congress since 1998, and other congressional Republicans to the policies he said brought on the current economic malaise.

"All those initiatives of the Bush administration, these guys supported and voted for. Where do they think it came from? And now they say, with great emphasis, they care about the middle class," Biden said, then quoting his father, "Don't tell me what you value. Show me your budget and I will tell you what you value."

Ryan, who was interviewed alongside Romney on CBS's "60 Minutes" Sunday night, offered up a sort of preemptive rebuttal to attacks like Biden's, telling Bob Schieffer that his own mother is "a Medicare senior in Florida" and that he, in his proposed spending overhaul, has no intention of changing the system for current beneficiaries.

The Ryan plan would, over time, shift Medicare to a voucher-based system that, he says, is meant to "preserve" the program and protect it against a growing federal deficit crunch.

Romney, who kicked off a bus tour today in Florida with Sen. Marco Rubio, is out with a new ad, his second go at criticizing the president's "Work for Welfare" waiver program, which will allow some states to apply for temporary exemptions for certain federal work requirements.

The first scheduled stop was in Orlando, but that was scrapped after a campaign source told the Orlando Sentinel that the candidate was "too exhausted to make the trip" following an intense weekend blitz. The Romney campaign has denied "exhaustion" is the reason they switched up the itinerary, calling the report inaccurate and pointing to a typically full day on the stump.

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