Ryan to Deliver Speech on Conservative Solutions to Poverty

"Our budget builds on the historic welfare reforms of the 1990s?reforms proven to work. We aim to empower state and local governments, communities, and individuals?those closest to the problem," said Ryan. "And we aim to promote opportunity and upward mobility by strengthening job training programs, to help those who have fallen on hard times. My mentor, Jack Kemp, used to say, 'You can't help America's poor by making America poor.'"

Ryan has suggested that cutting federal programs to help the poor will enable more local and state programs to do the job. He said they could do the job better.

"Now what we believe as practicing Catholics, as conservative Catholics is that our job is to go after the root cause of poverty, to try and eradicate poverty," he told the Christian Broadcasting Network's David Brody back in September. "We believe in individuals in their community and solidarity with one another working to create a better common good for everybody; helping people in need, protecting the voiceless like the unborn."

Ryan's speech Wednesday will "lay out the vision and the policy reforms" that Romney has stressed in his campaign, according to the aide, including "protected space for civil society that is not threatened by government overreach, overspending and debt; a stronger safety net that helps those who are truly in need; a reformed education system that gives more choices to parents and more opportunities to children; and a robust and growing economy creating more jobs and better wages for all."

According to the same Ryan aide, the House Budget Chairman will argue tomorrow that "spending ever-greater sums of money through top-down, bureaucratic programs has failed to help people escape from lives of poverty" and he will "contrast this approach with the successful example of welfare reform, which helped millions of low-income Americans achieve lives of dignity and freedom."

Prior to the speech, Ryan will join a roundtable discussion with community leaders in Ohio.

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