Republicans Need to Admit They Are Out of Touch


While behind slightly in tactics and technology, as I have written before, that is not why Romney and Republicans lost in 2012. More conservative and evangelical voters turned out than in 2004 when Bush won, and President Obama actually underperformed in the 12 target states compared to his national number. This is a much more fundamental challenge.

The Republican brand and many of its candidates are seen as intolerant throwbacks to a time gone by and not compassionate to where people are in their lives. Their agenda just seems like a retread of a vision and policies from 30 years ago. It is not as if Democrats and President Obama have convinced America of their vision, it just looks more updated and acceptable than what the Republicans are enunciating.

Can this fundamental problem be fixed for Republicans? Yes, but like an alcoholic or drug addict, it seems leaders have not yet hit rock bottom and clearly admitted the truth to themselves: Many Republican candidates and what the party stands for are totally out of sync with the majority of America. Once this truth is openly admitted, they can begin to build an acceptable alternative to the Democrats.

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