Romney Latches on to Obama's Build-a-Business Line

Obama today unveiled two new ads, each sarcastic efforts to make Romney seem strange and secretive. One of them makes fun of his dressage horse, and the other stars ordinary people reading Romney's answer to a question on why he was listed as Bain's CEO for up to three years after he said he left the company.

Obama's allies in the media continue to blog about Romney's tax returns, pointing out today, for example, that Romney's 2010 returns haven't been fully released because a document related to his Swiss bank account isn't public. More big-time Republicans, like Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar and Texas Rep. Ron Paul, also have come out of the woodwork to say that Romney should release his tax records.

Although the perception on camera, at least for now, is that Romney is ignoring such calls and is taking the best-defense approach aggressively.

"Barack Obama's attempt to denigrate and diminish the achievement of the individual diminishes us all," he said today. "We're a united nation. He divides us."

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