Ann Coulter on the 'Liberal Mob' of the American Left


The top- three corporate employers of donors to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Rahm Emanuel were Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and JPMorgan. Six other financial giants were in the top thirty donors to the White House Dream Team: UBS AG, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and Credit Suisse Group.12 In 2008 alone, Goldman Sachs employees gave more to Obama -- nearly $1 million -- than any other employer, with the sole exception of the entire University of California, which has 230,000 employees -- ten times more than Goldman.13

And still Republicans are called the Party of Wall Street. Bush let Lehman Brothers go under -- what else do Republicans have to do? Liberals latched on to the image of Bush, Cheney, and even Tom DeLay as "oilmen" to blame them for everything from Enron's collapse to blackouts and high oil prices.

In 2006, Speaker Nancy Pelosi blamed "oilmen" in public office for high oil prices -- and hearing Pelosi try to craft a syllogism is like watching Michael Moore attempt ballet. She said, "We have two oilmen in the White House. The logical follow-up from that is $3-a-gallon gasoline. It is no accident. It is a cause and effect. A cause and effect." That's all liberals needed to know. Two "oilmen" in the White House -- cause and effect. Strangely though, a barrel of oil costs the same on the world market for all those other countries that were not being run by "oilmen."

A few years earlier, she had blamed Bush and Representative Tom DeLay for the blackout throughout the Northeast United States and parts of Canada -- presumably because they are both from Texas -- saying they had "put the interests of the energy companies before the interests of the American people."14 In fact, the blackout was due to a failure of humans operating electric power; it had nothing whatsoever to do with oil.

The New York Times's Paul Krugman has written more than a dozen columns making hazy connections between Bush and the corrupt and collapsed Enron -- "Some cynics attribute the continuing absence of Enron indictments to the Bush family's loyalty code" 15 -- despite Bush's having absolutely nothing to do with the company, other than being from Texas.

By contrast, Krugman was on Enron's advisory board while he was writing encomiums to Enron in Fortune magazine.16 Once a year, when I don't feel like writing a column, I think I'll reprint Krugman's column singing Enron's praises -- although, again, in fairness, he was being paid by Enron at the time.

Democrats wouldn't make such absurd statements if absurdity didn't seem perfectly logical to their base. This is how Democrats communicate with their constituents: They use mob tactics to rile up the irrational masses. Crowds can't grasp logic, only images. "These image- like ideas," Le Bon says, "are not connected by any logical bond of analogy or succession, and may take each other's place like the slides of a magiclantern which the operator withdraws from the groove in with they were placed one above the other."

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