TRANSCRIPT: President Obama's Interview on "Good Morning America"

OBAMA: What I've suggested is-- is that we have a-- a commission that helps-- made up of doctors, made up of experts, that helps set best-- best practices.

SAWYER: By law?

OBAMA: Well, what it does is-- that if we know what those best practices are, then I'm confident that doctors are going want to engage in best practices. But I'm also confident patients are going insist on it. Because one of the things they're going say is, "Well, gosh, Doctor. If-- if-- if-- what I'm hearing is, is that I just need one test instead of five. Am I paying for the other five?"

Employers are going start asking, when they're shopping around for health systems for their employees, "Are we getting the best deal possible?" So, I-- I think that-- we-- we shouldn't be overly cynical. In some cases, people just don't know what the best practices are. And certain cultures build up. And we can change those cultures, but it's going require some work.

SAWYER: But a lot of people when you read through the polling say they're very concerned--

OBAMA: Right.

SAWYER: "I'm very concerned that there's going be a reduction in treatment someplace in all of this." And-- and the question is-- if there is a board that is recommending, that's one thing. If there is a board that is dictating through cost or through some other instruction, that's another thing. Will it have the-- will it have the weight of law? Will it have the weight of regulations?

OBAMA: Well, first of all, Diane, I-- I think that we're still early in the process. All these issues are getting worked through. I-- I don't think that there's anybody who would argue for us continuing to pay for things that don't make us feel better. That doesn't make any sense. And that's the reason why, in America, we typically pay 50 percent more for our health care than other advanced countries that actually have better health care outcomes.

Obama: 'We're Going Provide a Menu of Options for People'

So, we want to go with what's smartest and going make us feel best. Number two, people right now-- I would dispute that their biggest concern right now is simply that-- you know, their doctor's going say, "You know what? You don't actually need this test. This is the better way to go." They generally trust their doctors. I think that the biggest threat that families are concerned about is the cost of health care that eventually is going-- mean they don't have any coverage. And we're seeing that everywhere we go.

And here's the problem. If we don't change. If we don't reform the system. Then people are going to lose their health care. Or it's going take a bigger and bigger chunk of their paycheck. Or their employer is going start dropping coverage. Or the Federal Government is going stop-- being able to reimburse everything on Medicare and Medicaid. And so, you know, the situation that we confront is do nothing. In which case, the trend lines are such that American families are going be more and more vulnerable. Or we make common sense sensible changes, based on good medicine and good science, which helps us to drive down costs. And allows everybody to have the coverage they need.

SAWYER: And the decision has not been made yet on who is going to be the-- the body that decides about best practices. About the--

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