Poll: Most Condemn Kerry Debate Comment


Voter groups continue to divide along very partisan lines; Bush is supported by 90 percent of Republicans, and he's poaching 12 percent of Democrats; Kerry's supported by 85 percent of Democrats, and 10 percent of Republicans. And the swing group in the middle, independents, split 46 percent to 46 percent.

The customary gender gap in presidential politics is in classic form: Men favor Bush by 10 points while women favor Kerry by eight. Race, as well, is a major factor: Whites support Bush by nine points, while non-whites support Kerry by a huge 46 points -- among blacks, by 89 percent to 9 percent.

The sample in the ABC News tracking poll has grown large enough to aggregate some smaller subgroups. Using the full set of daily interviews since Oct. 1, the poll finds Hispanic voters supporting Kerry by a 17-point margin over Bush, 56 percent to 39 percent. It was 62 percent to 35 percent Gore-Bush in 2000.

Kerry has the customarily huge lead for a Democratic candidate among Jewish voters -- they support him over Bush by 80 percent to 15 percent (Gore won Jewish voters by 79 percent to 19 percent in 2000). Jews accounted for 4 percent of voters in 2000, Hispanics, 7 percent.


This poll was conducted by telephone Oct. 12-14 among a random national sample of 1,802 adults, including 1,554 registered voters and 1,203 likely voters. The results have a three-point error margin for the likely voter sample. The questions on homosexuality are based on 422 likely voters interviewed Thursday night; those results have a 5-point margin of error.

ABC News and "The Washington Post" are sharing data collection for this tracking poll, then independently applying their own models to arrive at likely voter estimates. Sampling, data collection and tabulation by TNS of Horsham, Pa.

Click here for PDF version with full questionnaire and results.

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