The Polling Unit: Archives 2000

December 2000

 Dec. 27 — Ratings of the Buying Climate Their Lowest in Three Years

 Dec. 17 — A Mandate for Bush: Election System Reform

 Dec. 14 — Praise for Gore's Departure; Next: Bipartisanship, and Election Reform

 Dec. 13 — Confidence Dips to Five-Month Low

 Dec. 10 — Half Now See "Serious Problems" in the System of Electing a President

 Dec. 6 — Americans Plan to Spend Slightly Less this Holiday Season

 Dec. 3 — Bush Keeps the Edge in Public Opinion

November 2000

 Nov. 29 — Buying Climate Still Cool

 Nov. 22 — Buying Climate Cooler in 2000 Holiday Season

 Nov. 20 — Two-Thirds Take the Lesson That Every Vote Does Count

 Nov. 16 — More Favor Handcounts But Most Just Want It Over

 Nov. 15 — Confidence Stays Strong Despite Election Uncertainty

 Nov. 6 — Hard-Fought Election Stays Close to the End

 Nov. 5 — Bush's Ratings Stay High for Honesty and Character

 Nov. 5 — DUI: Long Ago, Far Away, No Effect

 Nov. 3 — DUI a Non-Issue for Bush's Backers -- and Even for Most of Gore's

 Nov. 3 — In Presidential Choices, Character Clearly Counts

 Nov. 2 — Gore's Strongest on Health Care, But It's Not a Top-Ranked Issue

 Nov. 1 — Confidence Cools to Three-Month Low

 Nov. 1 — New Kind of Republican Relies on an Old GOP Issue

October 2000

 Oct. 31 — Bush +3 in a Close Race; A Question Mark by Nader

 Oct. 30 — Presidential Race in a Dead Heat, with 1 in 10 Still Changeable

 Oct. 29 — Gore Gets Little Help from the Economy

 Oct. 29 — Democratic Stalwarts Keep Gore in the Race

 Oct. 27 — Bush Improves on Issues, Encroaching on Gore's Turf

 Oct. 26 — A Yankee's Three-Part? More Americans Hope Not

 Oct. 26 — Nader Supporters:Half Could Bail

 Oct. 25 — Bush Passes Muster ion Experience, Intellect

 Oct. 25 — Confidence Steady as Election Approaches

 Oct. 23 — Men and Women Take Different Forks in the Road

 Oct. 23 — Fresh Start or Stay the Course? It's a Dead Heat; So is the Race

 Oct. 22 — Bush Holds an Edge in Strength of Support

 Oct. 22 — Vote Choices Among Women Look Increasingly Critical

 Oct. 20 — Bush Leads Among Independents; Runs Even with Women

 Oct. 19 — Big-Government Charge Resonates with Voters

 Oct. 18 — Plenty of Blame for Oil Prices

 Oct. 18 — Strength in His Base Gives Bush a Lead

 Oct. 17 — Public isn't Clamoring for School Vouchers

 Oct. 17 — Gore Ties with a Tough Audience and Wins It Among Independents

 Oct. 16 — A Slight Edge to G.W. Bush as Credibility Wanes Mutually

 Oct. 14 — Clinton in 2000?

 Oct. 11 — Second Debate: Bush Takes It

 Oct. 11 — Confidence Stays Afloat

 Oct. 10 — Bush Shows Improvement; the Race Remains Close

 Oct. 5 — Veep Debate: We Have a Winner

 Oct. 4 — Confidence Stands Pat

 Oct. 3 — Rating the Debate: Another Dead Heat

 Oct. 2 — Two Candidates in Lockstep on the Brink of the Debates

September 2000

 Sept. 27 — One in Eight Uses the 'Net to Follow Campaign '00

 Sept. 27 — Confidence Pulls Back

 Sept. 20 — Criticisms of Corporations Resonates with the Public

 Sept. 20 — On Tap: Americans Rate Water High Quality

 Sept. 20 — Gore Still Doesn't Get Credit for the Economy

 Sept. 13 — Economy Not Cooling

 Sept. 13 — Public Sharply Divides Over RU-486

 Sept. 7 — A Dead Heat in Vote Preference, but Advantage to Gore on Issues

 Sept. 6 — Confidence Continues Hot Streak

August 2000

 Aug. 30 — A Sunny August for Consumer Confidence

 Aug. 29 — Social Security Surpasses Tax Cut in Public's Spending Priorities

 Aug. 23 — Clinton's Job Approval: Still High, but No Bounce

 Aug. 23 — Confidence Continues August Hot Streak

 Aug. 21 — Gore Gets the Bigger Bounce

 Aug. 16 — A Pause in the Growth of Online Buying

 Aug. 16 — Confidence Stays Strong

 Aug. 11 — Gore Inches Closer, but Bush Still Leads

 Aug. 9 — Pat's Uphill Battle

 Aug. 9 — Confidence Strong and Steady

 Aug. 8 — Early Criticism of Clinton Wins Praise for Lieberman

 Aug. 7 — Bush's Bounce: Good Enough for +14

 Aug. 2 — Consumer Confidence Gets a Convention Bounce

July 2000

 Jul. 29 — Bush Bounce Begins, but Cheney Could Cause Concern

 Jul. 28 — Support for Abortion Slips, Though Few Favor Outright Ban

 Jul. 27 — Nader and Buchanan in the Debates? The Public Finds It Debatable

 Jul. 26 — Slight Shift in Impeachment Views, Though Most Still Favor the Outcome

 Jul. 25 — Confidence Holds Steady

 Jul. 25 — Blacks, Hispanics, and the 2000 Vote

 Jul. 24 — An Edge to Bush on Issues and Qualities in a Race That's Still Closely Matched

 Jul. 19 — Confidence Inching Back Up

 Jul. 12 — Americans Divided Over Slavery Apology

 Jul. 12 — Rising Personal Incomes Keep Confidence Afloat

June 2000

 Jun. 28 — Confidence Continues to Inch Down

 Jun. 23 — Comparing Gore and Bush on Exaggeration, Intellect, and More

 Jun. 21 — Confidence Hits Seven-Month Low

 Jun. 19 — Support for the Death Penalty Remains High

 Jun. 14 — Better Off Under Clinton?

 Jun. 12 — Campaign '00 in the Interregnum: A Close Race with Room to Boom

 Jun. 7 — Consumer Confidence is Cooler, Too

 Jun. 7 — Public Sees a Drop in Crime, but Broad Concern Remains

May 2000

 May 24 — Robust Plans for Holiday Spending

 May 24 — Confidence Rebounds

 May 17 — Confidence Remains Stable, but Off Its January Peak

 May 17 — Majority Oppose Disbarring Clinton

 May 15 — As Doubts on Social Security Linger, Most Favor Stock Investment Plan

 May 11 — Big Majorities Still Support Elian's Papa and the Raid

 May 11 — Bush Wrests Back a Slight Lead as Independents Swing His Way

 May 10 — Prescription Drugs: Potent Politically

 May 10 — Just a Third See Stocks as Safe

 May 3 — Confidence in a Lull

April 2000

 April 26 — Confidence Exhibits Resilience

 April 19 — Confidence Unfazed by Market Fluctuations

 April 14 — The Gender Gap's Back

 April 12 — Americans' Crystal Ball Says "Continued Growth"

 April 7 — In the Midst of Elian's Saga, More Support for U.S.-Cuba Ties

 April 5 — Doubts about Gun Control Muffle Its Political Clout

 April 4 — Campaign Finance Reform: The Issue that Won't Catch Fire

 April 4 — Confidence Holds Steady

 April 3 — Bush Improves on Some Issues - But Education's Not Among Them

 April 2 — Nearly Six in 10 Support Returning Elian Gonzalez

March 2000

 Mar 29 — Confidence Hits Four-Month Low

 Mar 22 — Confidence Down a Touch

 March 20 — The Green Mile by an Inch

 Mar 15 — Americans Split Over Who Gets Credit for the Economy

 Mar 11 — Reversal of Fortune: The Edge to Al Gore

 Mar 8 — Public in Less of a Buying Mood

 Mar 9 — Americans: Hold Parents Responsible for Children's Gun Violence

 Mar 9 — Six in 10 are Satisfied with the Primary System

 Mar 1 — Confidence Up a Notch

 Mar 1 — Gore: Issues May Help

February 2000

 Feb 29 — Clinton Fatique is Still a Drag for Gore

 Feb. 29 — Score One for the Gripper

 Feb. 28 — The McCain Phenomenon: How High, How Fast?

 Feb. 25 — McCain Shows Crossover Appeal, but Many Don't Know His Views

 Feb. 23 — Confidence Holds Steady, Curbing Recent Decline

 Feb. 21 — Happy Birthday, Abe!

 Feb. 17 — Perception vs. Experience in Racial Discrimination

 Feb. 16 — Confidence Dips, but Remains Strong

 Feb. 15 — Is This Campaign Exciting or What? Half the Public Chooses the Latter

 Feb. 9 — Confidence Strong and Steady

 Feb. 8 — Most Americans Support Returning Elian Gonzalez

 Feb. 7 — A Stumble in the Bush Coronation: Tight Races in S.C. and Nationally

 Feb. 3 — Most Unworried about Privacy, but Want Greater Restrictions

 Feb. 2 — Confidence Still is Booming as Expansion Hits 107th Month

January 2000

 Jan. 27 — Public to Clinton: Nice Job. See Ya.

 Jan. 26 — Americans Divided over Religious Discussion in Presidential Race

 Jan. 26 — Confidence Dips Slightly from Last Week's Record

 Jan. 19 — Confidence Surges to Another Record

 Jan. 19 — Death vs Life in Prison: A Split Decision

 Jan. 18 — Memo to Buchanan: Conservatives are Annoyed

 Jan. 12 — Let the Good Times Roll: Confidence Sets Record High

 Jan. 17 — A Pair of Jabs for G.W. Bush from McCain and Gore Alike

 Jan. 10 — Majority Backs INS Decision to Return Boy to Cuba

 Jan. 5 — Starting the New Year Right: Consumer Confidence is Up

 Jan. 3 — Online Shopping: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

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