The Note: When The Dog Bites

Patrick D. Healy of the New York Times went ot Knoxville, IA with George Pataki and he writes a pretty positive review of the would-be presidential candidate's grip-n-grin skills. LINK

Fred Dicker of the New York Post looks at Verizon money going heavily to Gov. Pataki's Virginia-based PAC. LINK

South Carolinians are upset with Gov. Mark Sanford because of the states slow economy and growth, and Democrats are pointing the finger to Sanford, but Lee Bandy of The State suspects that this issue will not break Gov. Sanford's re-election campaign. LINK

The Schwarzenegger Era:

In his Los Angeles Times column, George Skelton writes Gov. Schwarzenegger appears to have learned an important lesson demonstrated by his decision to end his contract with American Media. Skelton still urges the Governor to call off the special election slated for November. LINK

Tone deaf (to the end?), Mayor Bloomberg's Democratic rivals criticized him for helping the Yankees land Al Leiter, the New York Post reports. LINK

Perhaps more seriously, the Post's Stefan Friedman quotes an anonymous Bloomber adviser who worries that Fernando Ferrer will avoid a runoff. LINK

Mayor Bloomberg's crossover support from Democrats gets another notch in the belt, the New York Times reports. LINK

Maggie Haberman's New York Daily News campaign column has Karen Hicks staying on board with Team Miller to help get his education related ballot line up and running. LINK

2008: Democrats:

Sen. Clinton's '06 moolah: LINK

Nothing much happened at the Democrats' nomination calendar meeting this weekend -- except Sen. Levin and Harold Ickes proved, yet again, that they are The Men.

Dean's Democrats:

That Dean kid…he ain't so bad, some who have seen him say. LINK

and LINK


Pittsburgh was picked for the RNC's summer meeting, which begins Aug. 4. LINK

The New York Post's enterprising Deborah Orin FOIA'ed the Miliary District of Washington and finds out some unredacted details of the funeral plans of 41, 39, and 38, and finds that 42 hasn't filed a plan yet -- because Jim Kennedy says, "He's an optimist." LINK

The New York Times' Revkin on the Barton/Boehlert climate battle. LINK

The New York Times' Felicity Barringer looks at EPA's communication strategy and use of outside consultants. LINK

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