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Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro (R-NY) makes her Senate candidacy official this morning at 11:00 am ET at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan. Pirro will then take her announcement tour to Albany and Buffalo.

The New York Times checks Pirro's past and finds a partial birth flip flop (that Westchester's abortion rights groups don't like) LINK; the New York Post has four stories (Pirro has a monkey and some errors on her website, but not her husband LINK; Rick Lazio is giving Pirro campaign advice -- without irony LINK; Pirro's Patakian team "revealed" LINK; and the Post team watches "The Situation Room" LINK), and a Page Six editorial cartoon that will appeal to the sensibilities of Wolf Blitzer and Dominic Carter; and the Daily News has Pirro's anti-partial birth abortion, anti-gay marriage CNN appearance too. LINK

And the Times editorial page -- setting a bad example -- simultaneously welcomes the "exciting news" of the race, while bemoaning the "catfight" angle. LINK

Does this coverage make Pirro seem like a candidate in control of the news cycle teeing up her big day?

Place your bets now: which will Pirro do more times in her announcement speech: speak about herself in the third person or mention with a degree of specificity issues on which she is to the right of Hillary Clinton (and/but in the New York mainstream and/but not representing changes from a previously enunciated positions)?

Second contest: name the reporter who will first get Pirro to say what her plan is for saving Social Security for future generations.

As for the other story consuming political minds, at 10:00 am ET, the National Association of Manufacturers holds a news conference to announce the results of its committee's evaluation of the record of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. The Washington Post suggests an endorsement is in the cards.

The Virginia pro-family group "Public Advocate" holds an 11:00 am ET news conference to announce that it is withdrawing support for the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court over his pro bono work on that gay rights case. (Here's the AP's take: LINK)

The Washington Post reports in a must-read that White House officials are reviewing thousands of pages of Judge Roberts' papers before release; no one there wants a Romerish surprise. Note the semi-criticism (again) of the White House by allies -- for failing to defend Roberts aggressively, they say, and for running from some Reagan-41 era policies by hiding behind the "he was just a staff lawyer" argument.

Key: "Before Roberts's July 19 selection by President Bush, there was no comprehensive effort to examine the voluminous paper trail from his previous tours as an important legal and political hand under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, administration officials said." LINK

And the New York Times has a must-read story in which the nominee is quoted verbatim by Sen. Wyden from their courtesy call visit on some key right-to-die/separation of powers stuff, and the NARAL ad is treated in a he-said/she-said manner. LINK

President Bush will head to Speaker Hastert's district in Montgomery, IL where he will sign the highway bill at 11:30 am ET. The $286 billion measure funds six years' worth of roads, bridges, parking garages and other projects. The Beacon News has all the local anticipation and excitement for the President's visit. LINK

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