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In this space yesterday we brought you an excerpt of a letter from RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman in (unsurprising) support of a recent report from the American Center for Voting Rights. A sentence placing ACVR in its proper partisan context was accidentally omitted from The Note. As many Note readers know, ACVR's leadership is largely dominated by Republican activists including Bush-Cheney 2004 general counsel Thor Hearne and former RNC spokesguy Jim Dyke.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean issued this statement in response to the ACVR report: "This shouldn't be a partisan issue, this is an American issue. . . I re-issue my call to Chairman Mehlman and the Republican Party to review our report and to work with us to reform the way elections are conducted, and to ensure that we restore Americans' confidence in our election system."

Just to recap: Both national party chairmen support a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to voter fraud or intimidation and/but this partisan back and forth doesn't seem to have moved the ball one iota down the field.

The New York Times' Dean Murphy on the Ohio effort to change some election rules, led mostly by advantage-seeking partisan Democrats. LINK

USA Today's Jim Drinkard Notes the return of paper to the polls. 25 states now require some sort of paper trail. LINK

Dan Balz's write-up of the new Democracy Corps poll stresses the triumph of cultural values over economic interest. LINK

When "here TV," the new gay and lesbian cable network, launches Friday at 8 pm, Elizabeth Birch gets Pat Buchanan talking about gay issues. The conservative firebrand chats about his 1992 GOP convention speech, his years in the Reagan White House, and his hunch that gays and lesbians will ultimately get everything they're after. LINK

David Gelernter does not believe James Dobson is ready for prime time, in re: his remarks on stem cells. He writes an angry op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal.

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