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You know you are a crackerjack Note reader when:

1. You realize that Bill Clinton's scheduled appearance with Wolf Blitzer in/on "The Situation Room" during the 3:00 pm ET segment today has the potential to rock your world and be the biggest political event of the day. (Insert your own personal "Situation Room" joke here.)

2. You can channel Bernie Goldberg and explain why the MSM's coverage branding the NARAL ad (which you realize is actually a video press release) as false and inflammatory doesn't necessarily mean the MSM isn't liberally slanted.

3. You can read Bob Novak's piece about current and future Supreme Court politics and count no fewer than 5 scoops, 6 unintentional ironies, and 3 outrages. LINK

4. You know that the most important story in any New York newspaper today about the mayoral race is Jennifer "Scoop" Steinhauer's front-pager on Goldman Sachs soon-to-be-announced deal to stay in lower Manhattan. LINK

5. You can instantly play out the political implications of the New York Times latest reporting on the 9/11 panel and Atta LINK, as well as the Washington Post's story from Iraq, quoting a military official on background warning that talk of troop withdrawals are way premature. LINK

6. You think that "Does anyone have page 10?" has replaced "Mary, help!" as the plea-to-staff political line of the new millennium.

7. You allow your eyes to dart to the New York Times business report that the Delta Shuttle is going to start using new planes (with, for a time, some first-class seating), as the most important story to the Gang of 500 anywhere today. LINK

8. You can read the Walter Pincus story in the Washington Post trying to answer the "who sent Wilson to Niger?" question without your inner Cliff May overcoming your capacity for reason. LINK

9. You equate -- even in August -- Thursdays with John DiStaso's always must-read Union Leader Granite Status column, which today has some early GOP presidential poll numbers from the first-in-the-nation state (showing Sen. McCain with a healthy lead and some known names registering at zero), and details of how Gov. Mitt Romney (R-Bay State) is spending his weekend. LINK

10. You know who to call to get the upcoming ARG data from the same poll on the Democratic field.

Today's other marquee event will occur at 1:05 pm ET when President Bush, Secretary Rice, and Secretary Rumsfeld hold a press availability at the President's ranch in Crawford, TX.

White House spokesman Trent Duffy raised the curtain a bit during his gaggle aboard Air Force One yesterday. When he was asked if specific troop levels for Iraq over the next six months will be on today's agenda, Duffy responded thusly: "I would expect something like that would come up. But, again, as you know, the President always relies on his commanders on the ground to make those kinds of recommendations and those kinds of conversations are private."

At 9:00 am ET, the National Archives and Records Administration will release documents relating to U.S. Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. These records relate to Roberts' tenure as Special Assistant to the Attorney General in 1981-82. The papers consist of Notes, memoranda and other materials written by, or sent to John Roberts. Some of these documents may be duplicative of materials that were previously made available. The release is expected to total about 500 pages. You can see them online here: LINK

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