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In case you find all this document talk confusing, here's a simple overview:

1. Roberts' time in the AG's office: lots of documents already released, more coming today (with some duplication likely)

2. Roberts' work in Reagan's White House Counsel's office: some documents made public under FOIA, others to be released by August 22, 2005

3. Roberts' work in the Solicitor General's office during Bush 41: documents will not be forthcoming (thus far)

Religious leaders from across denominational lines will host an 11:00 am ET conference call to discuss their joint concerns regarding the Family Research Council's upcoming telecast, "Justice Sunday II: God Save the United States and This Honorable Court!"

Just in case you were wondering, the last time "Social Security" was the first post-"News Summary" section of The Note was Thursday June 23, 2005. And/but anniversaries make for beautiful pegs. At 10:30 am ET, AARP will release results of its survey tracking and exploring public perceptions about Social Security over three decades and hold a rally marking the 70th anniversary of Social Security.

US Senate candidate Jeanine Pirro (R-NY) continues her announcement tour in Rochester, Syracuse, and Clifton Park, NY.

And at 7:05 pm ET, President Bush's friend, Raphael Palmeiro, returns to Camden Yards to play his first baseball game since being suspended for testing positive for steroids.


Bob Novak -- keying off the NARAL ad -- writes that the "current hard count" for Roberts is 60 (as in Senators). "That would be more than enough to confirm him and barely enough to end a filibuster. But it is not enough to further the grand strategy for a conservative court. At least 70 votes for confirmation may be needed to make it comfortable for President Bush to name somebody at least as conservative as Roberts to the next vacancy, which soon may be in the offing." LINK

The New York Times' Linda Greenhouse can't quite bring herself to say the NARAL ad is false and misleading, but Steve Schmidt has to be happy that "even" the New York Times suggests as much, and quotes two pro-choice figures as critical of the spot. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Jess Bravin reports that the White House plans to release thousands of pages of Roberts documents by August 22 … but not the Solicitor General docs desired by Democrats.

The New York Times' Stolberg on Specter's letter to Leahy. There's also the latest on the back and forth between Sen. Wyden and the White House about what Judge Roberts said during his courtesy call. LINK

David Savage and Maura Reynolds of the Los Angeles Times revisit President Bush's 2001 executive order concerning presidential papers and break down the Roberts documents into those three easy-to-digest categories. LINK

And as for the Reagan-era documents, Savage and Reynolds write, "Two White House lawyers have been sent to Simi Valley to review the files, an aide to Bush confirmed Wednesday. The White House has said the Reagan-era files will be released on or before Aug. 22."

"The White House aide, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said political considerations were not one of the administration's criteria in reviewing the documents for release," although the Washington Post sort of disagrees.

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